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    MOC won, CADL lost. Victory!!!

    COA ruled in favor of MOC!!!
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    Michigan Pistol must be 26"-30" long..but what is the legal way to measure OAL in MI?

    Michigan Pistol must be 26"-30" long..but what is the legal way to measure OAL in MI? I see increased number of threads related to Michigan Pistols. I am sure many gun owners are trying to buy a Michigan Pistol or to convert a rifle to be a Michigan Pistol by installing a folding stock prior to...
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    Republicans in charge for almost a year: what was done in advancing 2A rights?

    We have all state wide offices with Republicans in charge for almost a year now. Conventional wisdom is that Republicans are better in advancing gun rights than Democrats. At least on average this ishould still be true. But how much was done in fixing many issues that we have impeding our gun...
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    Any idea when Jeff Haman's case will be filed in Federal Court?

    Any idea when Jeff Haman's case will be filed in Federal Court against city of Warren, its PD and officers involved in the incident?
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    Is there a video recorder that can transmit live to PC at home?

    imported post In light of recent detention of one of the OCers by MSPand an attempt by the officer to erase recording, do you guys know if there is a video recorder available that can transmit video live to be recorded bya PC at home (via 3G network, perhaps)? This way, if officer tries to...
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    Muskegon Prosecutor, Marc Curtis, bullies and misleads OCer at Gun Board meeting

    imported post Here we go fox. Listen and judge for yourself. Lets have a quest. Lets see how many times Mr. Curtis was wrong on the Law during encounter with gun board and OCer. I decided to open the new thread because I am very troubled about his conduct, bullying tactics and misleading...
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    City of Rochester Hills illegal Ordinance

    imported post I live in Rochester Hills and found the ordinance that prohibits possession of firearms in the park. I just sent the following e-mail to Mayor Barnett. I will let you know what happens: "Dear Mayor Barnett, I would like to bring to your attention that the following ordinance is...
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    Is it always a crime to disobey police officer's order in Michigan?

    imported post I wonder if a person must follow order from a police officer regardless if order is lawful or not? Am I braking a law (charge would be "disobeying police order", I presume) if I am audio or video recording in a public place, and police officer orders me to stop recording and I...
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    Difference between MGO and MCRGO and their position towards OC and MOC

    imported post I would like to understand the following two things: 1. It seems that we have two major gun owners organizations in Michigan (beside MOC which is OC specific): MGO (Michigun Gun Owners, http://www.migunowners.org) and MCRGO (Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership...
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    Transmitting and recording OC police encounters to a secure remote location

    imported post Guys, From recent threads on Michigan forum I realize that some cops out there looking to harass and people who OC. Recording such encounters becomes critical in protecting ourselves. It was pretty much established that in Michigan I can record conversations in which I...
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    Some facts about MOC?

    imported post Hi, I am new on this forum. I live in Michigan and got very curious about OC movement and MOC. Could someone from MOC leadership provide us some more information. Specifically, I would like to know how many members MOC currently has? What is the membership dynamics since MOC was...