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  1. reillo584

    New to Idaho

    i haven't been here in a while... We are living the dream in beautiful Boundary County!!!
  2. reillo584

    New to Idaho

    Greetings everyone, I just move here (Post Falls ID) from Washington State. After spending 12 years over there I became very familiar with WA open carry and concealed laws. (Did both)... I'm planning to get my Idaho drivers license and register my vehicle next week... In the mean time what is...
  3. reillo584

    A summary of the 2013 AWB Directly from Mrs. Feinstein website...

    The way that I see it, It lets the door wide open for my handguns to be ban as well... :mad::banghead: http://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/assault-weapons
  4. reillo584

    MWAG call in Gresham OR ... Mass hysteria starting to spread ?

    It ended up being nothing, A homeless person carrying some type of music player system (don't know what type will resemble a gun):confused: This Oregon shooting hits really close home for us so please lets be extra mindful and aware on our daily carry for the next couple of days till the...
  5. reillo584

    More Starbucks stupidity...2/14 boycott planned COFFEE UP!

    Showing support from South Korea Finally got a chance to sit down and post... a little bit late but there you have it, showing some support from South Korea. The barista didn't have a clue what I was talking about, but I drop a thank you note on the "customer service box"...:banana:
  6. reillo584

    My New Toy… Springfield 1911 Loaded!!!

    My New Gun… Springfield 1911 Loaded!!! Well is the 100th anniversary, so I felt that it was about time to go back to my first love… Everybody is posting pics. of their new babies so there you go, this is my new one... Not bad looking for an old and "outdated" design, right...??? :lol:
  7. reillo584

    Dress code?

    After a pleasant afternoon of OC’ing (without issues) at the mall, on our way back to the car, the wife brought up an interesting point… She thinks that maybe the way that I normally dress (i.e. 5.11 shirts or pants, Spec-Ops belt or 5.11 boots) may give people the impression that I am in the...