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  1. JohnM15A

    Medford Airport

    Carry still good in Medford airport building, non-secure side?
  2. JohnM15A

    York Fairgrounds

    I posted earlier about getting a CC permit but have given up on that for the one trip to York from VA. I will be carrying in the York area and on the fairgrounds. In VA fairgrounds are public land so carry is allowed unless the property is rented or leased. When rented or leased the public land...
  3. JohnM15A

    CC in PA

    OK, I know this is a OC forum but I have one little question. I live in VA and OC all the time there. I plan to travel to York in March and want to get a concealed carry permit from PA. I know that PA honors VA's permit but I would feel better with a PA permit. I have been checking out each...
  4. JohnM15A

    Elite Shooting Sports

    Stopped by the new range tonight after eating at Longhorn. Awesome place. One of the great features is that the ranges are climate controlled so you are not freezing in the Winter and sweating in the Summer... You really have to visit this place to really appreciate it. Oh yea, you can walk in...
  5. JohnM15A


    I understand that a no guns sign at the entrance of a restaurant does not carry the force of law. What about private property that is not intended for a public presence?
  6. JohnM15A

    Green Top

    I am considering open carrying to the car show hosted by Green Top this Saturday. Are they normally OK with OC?
  7. JohnM15A


    I recently visited and toured the caves near Cave Junction. The gift shop/visitor center was posted but was told that I could not carry in the cave. Had to lock up in the car. Is a cave considered a federal building?
  8. JohnM15A

    Airport Carry

    Just saw this video of a dude carrying a firearm in to the Medford airport and asked the LEO questions about it. Is this for real? In VA one cannot do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvIiJeB7hhs
  9. JohnM15A

    Audio Recording

    In VA I have a recorder running while carrying to help protect me if I am ever in an altercation or arrested. In VA recording is allowed if one party knows the recording in taking place. Does OR have the same rules? Does anyone record in OR? Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T using Tapatalk
  10. JohnM15A

    Visit to SC

    Thought I would check in. I plan to visit SC at the end of April. I understand that OC is not allowed. I plan to CC since I have a VA CHP. Am I correct that SC honors VA CHP?
  11. JohnM15A

    Chinn Aquatics Center PWC

    Anybody have OC experience at Chinn? It is run by PWC so I would think OC is OK. I did see this on their website so maybe this would be a problem: The Chinn Center provides valuable community programs such as PlaySchool, our pre-K program for ages 3 - 5 and Before & After School Camp for grades...
  12. JohnM15A

    Alexandria Dinner, March 1st, 2014

    Looks nice!
  13. JohnM15A

    Alexandria Dinner, March 1st, 2014

    Parking down here?
  14. JohnM15A

    Audio Editing S/W

    What do folks use to edit recordings to post here?
  15. JohnM15A

    Maryland a scary place

    I have plans to visit DE in June/July this year but have to travel through MD. I posted on the DE forum but there seems to be little activity there. Anyway, saw this: http://tbo.com/list/columns-tjackson/jackson-gun-owner-unarmed-unwelcome-in-maryland-20140112/ Now I'm thinking twice about...
  16. JohnM15A

    Visiting Dover

    Hi all! I live in VA but plan to travel to Dover Downs to participate in the Studebaker Drivers Club meet this June/July. I will be staying at Hampton Inn near Dover Downs. My travel will be across the bay bridge 50/301 to 302 to 440/8 into Dover. Because I will be traveling through MD I will...
  17. JohnM15A

    PWC Finger Print Card

    I'm considering getting a UT CFP and just need to get a finger print card. As I OC all the time I was wondering if anyone has OCed in this place. It appears to be leased private property used by the PWC police. Fingerprinting is performed at the Prince William County Police Department's...
  18. JohnM15A

    Kate's Irish Pub (Springfield)

    A friend of mine invited me to Kate's Irish Pub in Springfield. I searched this forum to see if there was any post about them and didn't find any. So I did what I usually don't do and contact them about firearms on their premisses. I didn't want to drive all the way there only to be turned away...
  19. JohnM15A

    Iphone vs Galaxy as audio recorder

    I get to use my Droid any time I want because I now were one of these. I just put this on when I leave the house and let it run all day long. When I get home I just plug it into my computer's USB port and let it charge. If I want to keep the audio recorded I just copy the file to my hard drive...
  20. JohnM15A

    Neptune Festival

    Next weekend I will be visiting the Neptune Festival and staying Friday night at the Hampton Inn and all day Saturday on the boardwalk and watch the parade. Any tips on what to do and to do relative to carrying, OC/CC?