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    Open Carry Events????

    Someone should get something going.
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    Is There A Map

    Has anyone ever made some sort of a map that shows where and where not you can OC in Colorado. I know you can't OC in Denver and Denver annexed properties but how do I know where Denver annexed properties are? Someone once told me that the old Sportsman's Warehouse on South Wadsworth was an area...
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    CCW Safe VS U.S. Law Shield

    Any of you guys a member of either one? Pros? Cons? I'm thinking of joining. Thanks for any input.
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    Concealed Question??

    I open carry a lot but I have a concealed question. I know in some states it's illegal to print. I did not think that was the case in Colorado. Can someone set me straight. Could you post a link of the law. Thanks!!
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    Little Help

    imported post I'm on my way to Arkansas in the morning. I'll be going through Kansas. Can I open carry every where in Kansas? Any places besides the usual that does not allow it? Any counties where it is ilegal? I have a Colorado CCW and I am going to check Reciprocity state to see if I'm legal...
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    Open Carry In Front Of LEO

    imported post South Broadway at K-Mart From his patrol car he watched me very closley going in. I'm not sure if he ran my plates while I was inside. I was only inside for five minutes. He watched me very closley coming out. He waved. Good LEO!
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    Extended Open Carry

    imported post I've carried concealed for a long time. I started open carry a couple of weeks ago and I'm still a newbie. All of my open carries have been about 15 minutes or less. Even on the days where I carried all day, I was only in public for about 15 minutes at a time. It seems there was...
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    Are You Kidding Me??

    imported post I just went into 2 different very crowded stores. I was in one very busysmall liqour store for about 5 minutes. I was in another very very busy grocery store for about 10-12 minutes. This time I was carrying my S&W 9mm which is of decent size. As far as I could tell, not one soul...
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    imported post I keep reading about people carrying around an open carry pamphlet to give to people. I suspect it says something about the law and our rights. Can some post a link where I can print this up or tell me whereI can get these Pamphlets? I live in Littleton, Colorado. Again, I'm...
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    What Gun Do You OC?

    imported post I've been doing my first few open carries this week. So far I've only been carrying a little snub nose 38 revolverin a small leather holster. I think I have been choosing the smaller gun hoping less people will notice. I'm thinking about doing an open carry tonight on my way home...
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    1st Open Carry!

    imported post I have carried concealed foryears. I have been around guns all of my life and I will be 50 this year. I didn't think I would get nervous at all. I went into a rather busy King Soopers on South Broadway. No one seemed to notice but maybe one lady. I thought this is no big deal. I...
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    I'm Confused!

    imported post I just had a 16 year police officer tell me it is legal to open carry in Denver. He has been a cop in Colorado for 16 years and a Denver cop for the last 12 years. He says it is legal but not recommended. I'm perfectly content to carry concealed. I feel it gives me the element of...