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  1. J

    State Park Quick Check

    Ok, I haven't reviewed ACT 35 in a long while and just wanted to be sure if im 100% correct. 1. I can open carry in any State park or State Forest, including the buildings now. (I have a CCL) 2. Long guns still need to be cased and unloaded. 3. That law about firearms within 100'(?) Of a...
  2. J

    Great Article "Street robberies and you - The Basics"

    Just read an article written by a LEO on on another forum I frequent. It sorta ties into the discussion on the recent Aldis holdup and the scenarios people are playing out. I thought it was a great reed, written by someone who seems to have a lot of knowledge...
  3. J

    Walker Rally in Wauwatosa

    I'm not trying to start a political discussion, but I just wanted to let people know there is a support Walker Rally in Wauwatosa tomorrow. This really isn't a meet and greet or anything but a few members from WCI plan on attending according to the posts over on the Facebook page. I'm only...
  4. J

    Felony Expungement question

    Does anyone have the link on how to have stuff expunged handy? I know its been posted before but searching on my phone is a pain. The reason I ask is im talking to a guy right now that was denied by the DOJ for having a felony, but apparently he was pardoned by the governor after he served his...
  5. J

    Was this posted and I didn't see it? Sheriff Clark letter to Senate re:SB79

    http://wispolitics.com/1006/111102sherriff.pdf Clark is awesome :)
  6. J

    Permit arrived!!

    Got back from the dentist checked mail and I have a permit!!!!!!!! Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using Tapatalk
  7. J

    New Affrimation Form at the DOJ's site.

    They have a new affirmation form up. It might have been there for a while but I only seen the plain one. The new one has a place to print your name and is embellished with the state seal. http://www.doj.state.wi.us/dles/cib/ConcealedCarry/affirmation-out-of-state-license-11-11.pdf Also, the...
  8. J

    Oak Creek (Milwaukee Area) Starbucks Meet and Greet, Sunday 5/22

    -Cancelled- Oak Creek (Milwaukee Area) Starbucks Meet+Greet, Sunday 5/22 -Cancelled- -Cancelled- -Cancelled- Oak Creek Starbucks Meet and Greet Sunday the 22nd -Cancelled- Meet and greet cancelled! With the last minute change to the date of the Janesville BBQ, I decided it would be best...
  9. J

    Bullet Setback: Check your Ammo!

    So, I'm usually pretty good about cycling my ammo in my .40 being that it's a high pressure round and things get interesting real quick when the bullet is set back in the shell. The 9mm that I seem to be always carrying, not so much. I usually ride the slide home and really never have much in...
  10. J

    Farm and Fleet in Oak Creek Posted

    I know there was a thread about Farm and Fleet being anti but, I have never seen Farm and fleet posted before. I heard that they had a sign inside the store and when I looked I couldn't find it. Stopped over today and I almost missed this as its posted on the inner doors and not well marked...
  11. J

    Pics from my trip to Downtown Madison

    Most of the pics turned out like crap but I did get a few before they turned to blobs and blurs. Somehow we must have been bumping buttons as a bunch of settings were out of whack. Anyway, thanks guys for showing Jenny and I downtown. While I have been to Madison once or twice before, I had...
  12. J

    And we think we have it bad.

    imported post Don't know if this is old news or not but maybe some haven't seen it. I am sad for our brothers in California because if they want to open carry, they have to go around carrying empty weapons :shock:. I think it is pretty courageous of them to push on and fight the good fight...
  13. J

    No Open Carry at Shooters Sports Center on 6 mile

    imported post Got off early today and figured I'd stop at the range. After I took a shower I put on some normal street cloths and my holster, I carry everywhere so my holster is usually on all day. Got to Shooters and was planning on shooting a revolver that I had in a case and since we were...
  14. J

    First week of Open Carry for me

    imported post Hi everybody. This might be pretty long since I sitting here bored and can't sleep. Since I see a lot of people coming out for the first time and posting about their first open carry experience I figured I'd follow suit with my first post here. A little background, I stopped by...