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    Can I get some Essay Help

    I have to do an Argumentative Essay. I am thinking of the argument, "Should University students be allowed to carry handguns" I live in NC and it is illegal to have firearms on college / university grounds, so I think it could make a good argument. Can I get some help? Good sources, list of...
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    Some of our leaders have good reason to be Anti-Gun!

    Some elected leaders are looking out for the constituents, just the ones on the wrong side of the law. http://colorado.mediatrackers.org/2013/03/06/breaking-anti-second-amendment-legislators-criminal-record-exposed/
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    This woman is nuts!

    I am walking around the house just in freaking awe of the actual STUPIDITY that pukes out of some peoples mouth. Listen to the woman telling her story about her son she lost to "gun violence" (actually gun crime and stupidity) First they STOLE the gun from a car. then one gets shot and she wants...
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    The Islam opening of the DNC reminded me of this...

    With the DNC opening as it did, it reminded of this video
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    another shooting

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    25 shot overnight in chicago - how is that possible???

    Ha Ha Ha, that line made me think of this... (I had to do it!)
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    "Gun Fight" HBO Documentary

    I just watched this on HBO. WOW! What a biased pile of crap. Basically, all that the last 45 - 60 minutes was "need more gun control" and edited video to back it up. The best was going into a "thug's" house and watching him and his homie pulling guns from everywhere talking about "killin'...
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    Anyone know who this was......

    I hope they are OK. http://www.wcnc.com/news/local/Gastonia-man-robbed-with-his-own-hand-gun-150315515.html
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    Another Hollywood hypocrite

    Drew Barrymore.... seems she has no problem trading in her anti-gun stance to make some cash. I wonder what changed her mind??? In the Charlie's Angle movie she starred in, she was the reason no guns were used. She is even listed on the NRA anti list...
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    Mooresville Meet?

    Think we can get a Mooresville meet going? I tried once, just didn't happen, maybe this time we can. Maybe do a shoot before or after (if weather permits)?
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    Going to be traveling through WV, I was wanting to know if pulled over, do you have to notify that you are carrying, open or concealed?
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    Passing through Virginia - Do you have to notify officer if stopped and carrying?

    Going to be traveling through Va., I was wanting to know if pulled over, do you have to notify that you are carrying, open or concealed?
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    Shooting timer

    Does anyone know of a shooting timer app for the Android phones? I have looked but not found any, maybe over looking or not using correct key words.
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    What flips your switch?

    Let's keep this Firearm related.... One thing that flips my switch the most is articles about guns with the scare tactic captions in news articles! I mean really, they are nothing more than the writers own FEAR of guns that he/she are using to recruit with. It is sickening IMO. Think about it...
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    FINALLY!!!!!!! The truth revealed!!!!!!!!

    Here, my friends, is a picture to answer the question we've all been hearing and asking about for many years!! Answer seems to be........'Yes!' * * * * * *
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    I mainly carry concealed, but have been gradually moving into open carry. In another thread, someone spoke of a concealed carry forum that does not support open carry at all. I have been reading on it a bit and I believe it. I will say though, I truly have to wonder about the intelligence and...
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    I know how important practice and training is. I try to practice shooting as much as possible, but that is just simply shooting at paper targets at leisure. So, I know that is not good "SD training". Is there any training courses in the Moorseville/Charlotte area that anyone can recommend?
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    Did my "Wally Walk" tonight.

    Well, I got it over with. The wife needed to go to WalMart tonight, so I decided to go with her and OC. It went very well I think. I did notice some eyeballing from some of the young bucks that worked there. Got a few looks from other customers, and a couple "turn and walk fast aways." LOL...
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    Something for my wife.

    Well, due to some recent events http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?78072-Finally!!! , my wife wants a hand gun. I will have to sit down and talk to here about what she wants, but would like input on what others wives or single women are carring. I am sure she will do both open...
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    Well, I have been trying to get my wife to carry for a couple years now. She has not wanted any part of it. Don't get her wrong, she doesn't mind guns (I have a lot of them and a ton of ammo), and will shoot mine sometimes. She just doesn't want to carry one. Well, that all changed today! She is...