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  1. AB

    Missouri's nullification bill a sham!

    Maybe this is why there was such 'wide' support for this bill? No ordinance may be construed to preclude the use of a firearm in the defense of person or property, subject to the provisions of chapter 563. (2) In any jurisdiction in which the open carrying of firearms is prohibited...
  2. AB

    Pine Bluffs Cop that harassed open carriers -- has a black cloud over his head

    We already knew what kind of man officer Bryan Yeomans was, because of the way he treated lawful gun owners. Glad to see the truth is coming out on him. AB ...biggest problem with Yeomans was that he destroyed evidence without authorization from a judge. He was a town police officer for two...
  3. AB

    Did the NRA support gun control in Wyoming?

    “…The NRA legal department did the drafting, and it is based upon similar laws sponsored by NRA in other states…At the last moment, NRA decided that for political reasons, it was not going to fully support HB70 as it had initially promised. NRA’s position became that it would not contest passage...
  4. AB

    Urgent Alert!!! Preemption Legislation HB-60

    As early as today HB-60 will be introduced in the house by Representative Kendell Kroeker (R-Casper) -- It will require a 2/3rds vote to advance to committee. Please email your House Representative ASAP and ask them to support this legislation that will put a end to local governments placing...
  5. AB

    Repeal of school gun free zones introduced in the U.S. House

  6. AB

    Action Alert -- Calls Needed to Canton Ohio's Mayors Office

    Calls needed--Demand that the Canton Ohio mayor fire officer Daniel Harless for threatening the life of a CCW permit holder. Help us "flood" the office with calls and pass this on - don't fall for the exuse "it's up to the internal investigation". Demand action to fire this bad cop before he...
  7. AB

    They laughed when I said I wanted to restore gun rights in Wyoming

  8. AB

    Constitutional Carry threatened by Governor's Veto!

    Constitutional Carry threatened by Governor's Veto! As you know, the Jenning-Jaggi Constitutional Carry bill has passed through the Wyoming legislature with overwhelming numbers and is currently sitting on Governor Matt Mead’s desk for his signature or veto. But, as I write this alert...
  9. AB

    CODY--Preemption being challenged calls needed today!

    Update*** Cody City Council agreed to lift ban of all lawfull carry in the Recreation Center*** The town of Cody may vote as early as today to ban lawful carry, this comes on the heel of an “opinion” that a nuisance clause in the state preemption gives them the right to stop lawful carry in a...
  10. AB

    Constitutional Sheriff Endorsements

    WyGO PAC in a Wyoming first is introducing Constitutional Sheriff Endorsements. http://wygopac.org/sheriffs-endorsements/
  11. AB

    Newcastle Police over stepping their authority - Calls needed!!!

    Newcastle Wyoming, police terrorize family on an alleged barking dog complaint http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-25069-Cheyenne-Gun-Rights-Examiner~y2010m7d2-Newcastle-Wyoming-police-terrorize-family-on-an-alleged-barking-dog-complaint VOICE YOUR OUTRAGE!!! Please call the Newcastle Wyoming...
  12. AB

    Sheridan Police harass gun rights activist, terrorize his family during swat style confrontation

    imported post Sheridan Police harass gun rights activist, terrorize his family during swat style confrontation ...It was Sunday after spending the weekend in Sheridan for the local Tea Party, we were leaving the hotel to head back home, while driving only 100 yards away, there were two police...
  13. AB

    Royal Oak - Open Carry???

    imported post Has anyone carried in Royal Oak and other suburbs of Detroit?
  14. AB

    Governor race - gun rights watch

    imported post Matt Mead for Governor, wolf in sheep’s clothing As witnessed during the last legislative session with HB-95 Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act, an unprecedented push for “state sovereignty” and “gun rights” occurred in Wyoming, that being so, Matt Mead would probably be much like...
  15. AB


    imported post Any OCers want to meet up for an news interview about pending legislation and OC. Probably on Sat morning around 10am at Starbucks. Need to know by Thursday. Thanks,
  16. AB

    Casper Starbucks no guns allowed

    imported post Starbucks – not so fast ...It would appear that Starbucks is taking a clear path to ban firearms in Wyoming locations... http://www.examiner.com/x-25069-Cheyenne-Gun-Rights-Examiner~y2010m2d6-Starbucks--Not-so-fast If you are appalled by the actions of this Wyoming Starbucks...
  17. AB

    National Sovereignty Symposium

    imported post Taking America Back – National Sovereignty Symposium Judge Andrew P Napolitano, Keynote Speaker Once again, Americans must stand up and fight for the preservation of Liberty and Freedom. Taking America Back, the National Sovereignty Symposium, will be held on January 16, 2010, at...
  18. AB

    Alaska-carry legislation - beware of inform and disarm clause

    imported post Alaska-carry legislation - beware of inform and disarm clause http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swV_eOrAp9Y
  19. AB

    NRA compromising strategy really means "beware" to gun owners

    imported post ...We must no longer compromise the Bill of Rights. To understand how this mentality has infected Wyoming, earlier this year in a discussion of concealed-carry legislation in Wyoming,Matthew HuntingtonfromGadsden Legal and Mark Spungin from the state level NRA group WSSA, both...
  20. AB

    Matt Mead - rejected for governor by Wyoming Gun Owners

    imported post ...Mead has an appealing video on his website but it lacks any substance and speaks about working as a prosecutor and that brings to the bitter taste of trusting these "special attorneys" with gun rights. Laramie County Prosecutor Scott A. Homar also ran on the GOP platform but...