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    More Legisative BS

    The knuckleheads in Columbia are at it again. [/CENTER][/CENTER]
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    Visiting Family In CT This Week

    imported post Just got in a couple hours ago. It's a long drive from SC to CT, especially with a baby, but we had to do it since my sister's getting married. Anyways, my BIL wants to go shooting and I don't know where to take him, so I thought I'd ask around here. I have a CT non-res carry...
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    Carrying in St. Lucia

    imported post My company has been offered the opportunity to participate in the construction of a high-end residential development on the island of St. Lucia. This project would be a six year commitment, requiring that I move there. I have done some research on the island, but the information...
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    I Hate BB&T

    imported post My employer recently moved their accounts from Suntrust (where I bank) to BB&T. I was given a couple checks on Friday, one of which was a paycheck, and took them to BB&T to cash. So I get to the counter, knowing about the damned $5 check cashing fee.....as if cashing a check is...
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    Another Letter To The Editor Was Published

    imported post Some angry, anti-gun idiot wrote a nasty letter to the local paper a couple weeks ago... http://www.islandpacket.com/opinion/letters/story/937435.html So I fired off a response letter that was published today... http://www.islandpacket.com/opinion/letters/story/946932.html
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    Yesterday I OC'ed and was spotted

    imported post SC law requires that I conceal my firearm, and I always attempt to follow the law, but last night my shirt rode up and a lady saw my gun. It was about 8PM, and I was wearing jeans, sandals, and a black t-shirt, with my Taurus PT745 OWB on my left hip, which I thought was covered...
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    Airgunner23 - Why Are You Here?

    imported post You seem to do everything possible to discourage open carry on OCDO since you joined on May3rd, 2009. In case you don't know, "OCDO" is an acronym for "Open Carry Dot Org". This website is dedicated to Open Carry. You ruined another guy's thread about the angry lady in the Stop &...
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    I Was Called A Cracker

    imported post I went to pick up a wall-mounted sink on Sunday afternoon at the Home Depot on Victory Drive in Savannah. I was OC'ing my 1911 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster. I parked my truck, and as I walked toward the front door, I encountered an old black man coming my direction with a cart...
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    Carrying at the Eastman Gun Show in Savannah

    imported post I'll be heading there early tomorrow to see what 5.56 ammo is going for. I plan to OC my 1911, but I'm not sure if the cop at the door would give me a hard time, arguing that the gun show is a "public gathering" and therefore no carrying. Or can I just unload my weapon (gun show...
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    My new Homeland Defense Rifle

    imported post Picked it up 2 weeks ago, did the FF tube last night. I'm taking it out Saturday morning to run a few hundred more rounds through it with my sister-in-law. Bushmaster ORC 16" YHM Diamond FF tube, rifle length YHM low profile gas block Tasco Pro Point Burris XTR 30mm mount...
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    Visiting Hamilton/Fairfield

    imported post My girlfriend's extended family lives in and around Cincinnati, mostly Hamilton and Fairfield. We plan on visiting them just before Christmas, and I plan to bring my pistol with me. I have a South Carolina permit, as well as non-resident permits from New Hampshire and Connecticut...