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    Boulder Police Response

    Boulder Police response to open carrying included that can not carry in many areas of boulder because "they are close to municipal buildings" That's complete crap, no? Anyone with recent experiences in Boulder? I'm more concerned about response than the law. (Don't really care either way)...
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    Man Goes on Mass Killing Rampage in NYC with gun.. wait.. not a gun.. a steak knife?

    Please, we need to limit the amount of steak knives that a person can buy in a 30 day period, make sure that all steak knives are not "high capacity" steak knives. Please, it is obviously that anyone who condones allowing anyone to buy a steak knife is just protecting criminals...
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    Some Leading Causes of Death in the US and reasons

    Heart disease: 616,067 -- hamburgers not working out enough. Ban McDonalds. Cancer: 562,875 -- cigarettes, **** in food, cars, industry. Ban anything that has carcinogens (including McDonalds) Diabetes: 71,382 -- hamburgers, fat kids. Ban McDonalds Cars: 42,643 -- drunk drivers, cars. Ban Cars...
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    good place online in CO to sell guns?

    In AZ I used Backpage, I want to list a Sig556 pistol somewhere to sell.
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    AR-15 question (not opencarry, but help appreciated)

    If I disassemble my non-california legal ar-15 completely into parts into California, can I bring it in? I just dont want to have to deal with all the changes right now, and dont want to store in NV.
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    "high-cap" sales armored car

    "Armored Car Services can import, buy, or sell large-capacity magazines to or from anyone eligible to possess firearms. " So if you owned Armored Car Service you could in theory then give to a civilian?
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    "Found" High Cap Magazines

    Has anyone actually been prosecuted under the high-cap magazine statute for owning high cap magazines? What if you "found" one (ie, parents died, was in their possession, or you accedently picked one up at a shooting range, etc). The statute seems pretty clear that high cap magazines are...
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    "Judge" Kagen

    imported post I normally do not bring other things into the forum, however, this seems important. Kagan has clearly has a very strange (and non-liberal) point of view in which she claims that the government can restrict speech if it "could" cause harm. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/65720...
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    Enjoying Broomfield, but OC is a mix

    imported post Getting a few weird stares in Broomfield and around the area, but in general pretty good. Never had many problems in AZ and honestly, even in Las Vegas, less. Is it the area?
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    OC Meetup

    imported post When is the next one, love to meet some people. Maybe go to a range?
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    Best Range Nr. Broomfield

    imported post Anyone with opinions?
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    imported post Now I'm getting ticked off -- here I am in Broomfield, and you telling me that some people think we can't OC? What is the official word?
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    In Colorado, Broomfield

    imported post Finally, moved! Took a few days, and thanks goodness not much broken furniture! In Broomfield, already spoke to the good folks at the Sheriff/Police Department and hopefully they won't bother me when I OC.
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    Civil Bench Warrant - Firerams?

    imported post Does a Civil Bench Warrant make one a fugitive from justice? Ie, no show at a hearing. Trying to figure this out for a paper I'm writing, can not find any information. Relevance is that a fugative from justice can't carry?
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    OC Bikers

    imported post As you may know, near my house on Carefree Highway, there was a major tragedy. Spent a little time over there, OCing and talking to people (I work also as a chaplain). Saw a few OpenCarry bikers, wonder who from here? Was good to see people just carrying!
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    International Arms Treaty Fake Email Debuncted.

    imported post Guys, Nothing is going to happen with the UN & International Arms Treaty. FactCheck.org took a look at it, and good news. The International Arms Treaty is about exporting weapons without checks and balances (that's a whole other debate) Please note the email that is circulating...
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    Trick holster (Chambers, Removes Safety)

    imported post One of the cooler things I've seen, only available for the Makarov unfortunately. Press down (hard) and it will chamber plus remove the safety.
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    Filed my Bankruptcy

    imported post My bankruptcy was filed today, thanks to a 3 year divorce where I spent two years chasing down the woman who stole my credit cards. She went traveling aroudn the world, never came back to the US, when she finally got, pretended that I had been ignoring her for years. The Courts...
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    bersa thunder

    imported post Ok, not really an OC weapon. However, am I stupid for liking my bersa thunder so much (in .380). I just love it, dunno why. pace
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    Restaurant Loaded Check

    imported post Can police check to see if the gun is loaded if you are in a restaurant that allows OC? Ie, its private property. P A C E