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    Carry at Lake Moomaw

    imported post We are planning a family camping/fishing trip to Lake Moomaw (located in Bath and Alleghany counties) in September, and was wondering if anyone has any experience carrying there. The recreation facilities are maintained by the US Forest Service.
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    Opening LEO Ranges to Civilians

    imported post When I was growing up in Orange County, CA (yes California) in the 1960's and 70's, my father (not a LEO) would take us shooting at the Orange Police Department's pistol range (it was open to the general public then). It was a very safe atmosphere, there was always at least one...
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    Mistaken for LEO

    imported post We recently ate in a roadside diner on the way down to our beach house below Wilmington, NC. Was open carrying and just walked in and sat down. After our meal we got up to go. My wife and son went outside and I stopped to pay the bill and the cashier rang up a 20% discount to our...