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  1. Jay

    Bodo's Bagels Charlottesville apparently Anti-Gun

    Hey all I have not been posting lately but I had a bad experience today. I went to the Bodo's Bagel 505 Preston Ave Charlottesville, VA 22903 this morning on my way out of town (OC'ing Sig 229 in a Level II). I placed my order for my usual bagel sandwich and paid. As I was standing with everyone...
  2. Jay

    Intruder Shot by home owner Southern Albemarle County

  3. Jay

    Finally applied for my CHP

    Yesterday morning I sat at my desk and finally decided after having lived in the great Commonwealth for over six months it was time to get my CHP. So I did my online certificate, filled out my application, ran across the street to get a bank check for $50.00, and drove down to the circuit court...
  4. Jay

    Charlottesville Starbucks OC 2-14-2012 6:00 pm

    A couple of people have suggested so I am kicking it off with a separate thread. Basically I was trying to decide between two the one on Emmett St or the one on University Ave. I think University Ave would be the best for visibility purposes but parking is a royal pain in the butt. Mods Sticky...
  5. Jay

    How did Lobby Day Go??

    Sorry I could not make it I wanted to, but work is kind of crazy right now. However I would like to know from those who attended how it went?
  6. Jay

    VCDL lobbies the General Assembly 01/16/2011 WRVR CBS6 Richmond

  7. Jay

    Dave & Busters Short Pump **ANTI-Gun**

    The Miss's and I decided to take a trip to the Richmond area yesterday. She wanted to do some shopping, and then felt the need to try an kick my butt at some arcade games at Dave & Busters. I was upset for her because this was something she was really looking forward to, but at the same time I...
  8. Jay

    Quinnipiac Poll relates to Virginia and Firearms

    http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/virginia/release-detail?ReleaseID=1686 Click on link then scroll down to line items 36 on for gun related polling questions. I was actually shocked by the numbers.
  9. Jay

    UVA Approves Regulation banning firearms :(

    http://www.nbc29.com/story/16021207/uva-passes-regulation-banning-guns-on-grounds University of Virginia Press Release Friday the University of Virginia Board of Visitors approved a regulation prohibiting weapons at the University, its medical center and the College at Wise. The regulation...
  10. Jay

    Getting legislation for EMS to carry firearms

    Gents and ladies, More and more these days I am reading incidents of EMS professionals being assaulted on the job this just happened recently in Arizona. http://www.jems.com/article/news/man-arrested-attacking-emsa-medic 40% of EMS related injuries are assault related calling cops before hand...
  11. Jay

    George Mason Univeristy What to do if you are stopped by GMU police

    I thought I would share this .pdf that I saw on George Mason University PD website. The .pdf is about what to do if your are stopped by a police officer. One sentence states to: Verbally inform the officer of any weapons which might be present and whether you possess a concealed weapons...
  12. Jay

    Richmond Gun Show question

    I was thinking about taking a trip to the Richmond Gun show. Does anyone know if there will be a good amount of vendors there with the impeding storm this evening? Would I be better off going tomorrow? Thanks Guys and Gals
  13. Jay

    OC Rockingham County Fair??

    Hey guys was thinking of OC'ing Rockingham County Fair. Do not see anything on website against it. Just wondering if anyone has before and ran into problems?
  14. Jay

    Some think LEO acted appropriately

    This is a video clip of an OC'er being stopped by a LEO in Oceanside California. Now I know this is the Virginia forum however I felt that it could be applied anywhere so I am posting if I was incorrect in this assumption I apologize ahead of time...
  15. Jay

    Avoiding confrontation while OC'ing. What would you do??

    So I was OC'ing when I stopped by the local gas station to pick up a couple items. When a 20 something year old man decided to cut me in line. I know at that time he did not see my sidearm cause he did not pass me on my strong side and I think it was blocked by the display case to my right...
  16. Jay

    Positive OC at Chili's West Lebanon

    So the misses and I decided to go to Chili's Grill and Bar in West Lebanon last night. I have OC'd there many of times in the past. We were sitting in the bar area, and the side of the table I was sitting at my strong side was facing out. After we sat down for about five minutes talking about...
  17. Jay

    Moving to a warmer climate :)

    I just wanted to drop a note that the first weekend in June I will be leaving the "Live Free or Die" state to the "Live Passionately" state of Virginia as I have accepted a position with the UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville. I would like to thank everyone in the forum for all of there...
  18. Jay

    I'm moving to Virginia YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Well as I stated last month my better half and I interviewed for employment positions. She has been hired for hers I should hear sometime about mine this week. Regardless what happens with my position we are moving to Charlottesville VA at the end of the month. I love my girl we have been...
  19. Jay

    Might be moving to Charlottesville

    So my girl and I might be moving to Charlottesville area she has an interview at UVA Medical Center, but it seems very promising as she has been in constant contact with the manager of the department she would be in. OK... onto my question we live in New Hampshire when and if we move down...
  20. Jay

    NOVA Gun Range

    Hey guys I am coming down to Alexandria for a week and half. Unfortuantly I will not be bringing my guns with me as I am taking a bus down and it drops right off in downtown DC. Any good ranges in the area for reasonable fees and that rent??