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  1. kryptonian

    detroit man shoots carjacker

    http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/local/accused-carjacker-dies-after-being-shot-in-detroit-20110809-wpms saw the story on the news. didn't say OC but showed his empty serpa holster. sounds pretty clear cut self defense to me.
  2. kryptonian

    dayton, ohio robbery foiled..robber shot

    http://fox.daytonsnewssource.com/shared/newsroom/raw_news/videos/vid_47.shtml#.TgR0w4w8vNY.facebook click link...security cam video
  3. kryptonian

    no gun = no money cards

    got this from ohio CC website. thought we should adopt something similar. posted this on MOC to very little interest which surprised me.
  4. kryptonian

    cpl suspension

    anybody know if the state of michigan can or would suspend your CPL for back taxes, child support, or any fines owed for anything? i ask because i do owe some back taxes and wouldn't surprise me if they did it. i know they do for child support but have they expanded that? i would hate to be in a...
  5. kryptonian

    livonia police officer killed

    http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/local/livonia-police-officer-killed-in-walled-lake-20110117-wpms first off prayers for the family, friends and officers everywhere. salute you officer. waiting to see live press conference at 10pm to see what happened. this happened in walled lake where i do...
  6. kryptonian

    innovative handgun design patent

    a few years ago i came up with an innovative handgun design and checked into getting it developed. here's what i ran into - patent) starts at about $5000 and goes up quick. talked to a patent attorney i knew and said a handgun design would be a lot more due to federal intervention. the patents...
  7. kryptonian

    shooting at eastland mall

    http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/2-injured-in-eastland-mall-shooting saw this on national news - not local. i know what would have helped in this case. i've never been to eastland mall or ever plan on it but this is how we look to the nation today.
  8. kryptonian

    texas teen sues to have minimum age for handgun ownership lowered

    saw this on houston news website. i was LEO there and have family and friends there. i love houston. i'm all for this initiative by the way. why not let them protect themselves too? why make them a target? they can serve their country in the armed forces and vote but can't carry handgun or drink...
  9. kryptonian

    justified self defense shooting

    saw this story on fox2 website - http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/the_edge/justified-force%3A-detroit-man-cleared-in-road-rage-shooting heated words at traffic light - drivers both got out and a fight started. CPL carrier shot and killed assailant after he said he was attacked by multiple...
  10. kryptonian

    michigan constitution revising

    voted today. didn't OC. probably should have looked at sample ballot before i voted but i didn't. this had me having to make some quick decisions. one proposal i saw was one to revise the michigan constitution. as i read it the first thing i thought of was 'guess which law is going to change...
  11. kryptonian

    spike tv - conceal and carry

    watching tv this morning while trying to figure out why my new router isn't working and stumbled on Spike TV show called CONCEAL AND CARRY. only caught the last 15 minutes but looked pretty good and informative. it follows people going thru a handgun tactical self defense course. even the...
  12. kryptonian

    Pro OC chiropractor

    just a heads up if looking for a very good pro OC chiropractor go to Lakes Chiropractic 45023 W. Pontiac trail Novi, Mich. 48377 248-926-1829 known dr. kevin lee for years and his office manager stacey is great. good friends of mine. when CC in there he never minded when i pulled it out to lay...
  13. kryptonian

    pistol carbine conversion kit

    i don't really get the whole folding rifle = handgun thing for OC at all. seems too bulky and attention whoring to me to carry and would take waaaay too long to draw and fire in exigent circumstances. maybe if that's all you had and were waiting to buy a handgun but i saw this in shotgun news...
  14. kryptonian

    police scanner

    my sister was given an iphone for work and usually hard to drag out of the amish village of low tech she was comfortable with but she got a police scanner app for it and she listens to livingston county police radio traffic. she's hooked. when driving she connects phone and van by a wire and can...
  15. kryptonian

    fbi reports crime stats an armed public is a safer public

    http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/fbi-crime-stats-show-an-armed-public-is-a-safer-public/ yet another reason to OC
  16. kryptonian

    milford tea party

    short notice i know but thinking of doing an OC showing here. i've noticed the lack of national political soapboxing in these threads but i am for the tea party protests against the obama administration and this would be a good chance to show like minded people the freedom that the OC law...
  17. kryptonian

    tell 911 you're OC?

    imported post debating the idea of telling emergency dispatcher to advise responding police you are open carrying legally. a couple of years ago cutting thru a neighborhood to get home i went down a residential street. a lawn maintenance truck was parked in the road leaving only room for one...
  18. kryptonian

    CCW Class sign

    imported post saw sign at pontiac trail and beck rd. in wixom. says word for word- GET YOUR CCW NOW! Before the Laws Change $100 is all you need 1-888-623-4042 24 hrs. took a pic but no matter how hard i tried it was too big to post. don't know why. what laws? anybody know?
  19. kryptonian


    imported post http://www.mcrgo.org/mcrgo/ does anybody know these guys? heard a couple negative and positive comments from people. website has news stories and related gun articles. home page had nothing about OC. had link to news broadcast dave thomas was in about getting weapon removed and...
  20. kryptonian

    friend wants to OC but scared

    imported post talked today with very good friend of mine - former coworker. he is black/african american. had been telling him about OC when i first found out and he wanted me to be guinea pig to test the law. been telling him for YEARS to go to CPL class. finally going next week. he seems to...