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  1. IcrewUH60

    NSSF Hosting "First Shots" Seminar - Free

    Saturday November 5th @ various times. Eagle, WI Columbus, WI Sun Prairie, WI Manitowoc, WI free to 21+ - registration required http://www.nssf.org/FirstShots/Seminars/index.cfm ** The First Shots event will not satisfy any requirements for the Wisconsin CCW license. The instructors are...
  2. IcrewUH60

    Learn How to Shoot & about CCW at Madison-area First Shots Seminars

    info here: http://www.ammoland.com/2011/10/20/learn-how-to-shoot-about-ccw-at-madison-area-first-shots-seminars/
  3. IcrewUH60

    City as Property Owner banning Open Carry by non-permittee

    this is posted at Fireman's Park in Verona, WI. I did not make it to Veteran's Park. Click for larger picture
  4. IcrewUH60

    50% OFF Wisconsin Concealed Carry Training Four-Hour Firearm Safety Course in Madison

  5. IcrewUH60

    Prescott to hold concealed weapons meeting Oct. 6

  6. IcrewUH60

    Gun thread

    I like America **** Yeah
  7. IcrewUH60

    How to test a "Pro Gun" Politician

    have him/her sign your spare magazine from: http://runronpaul.com/interest/ron-paul-signed-my-gun-magazine-pic/
  8. IcrewUH60

    Gosh What a Big Surprise!

    the internets didn't shut down from a duplicate worthless post... or did it. Please respond in kind so that we know it's still functional. If you're using taptalk pro while OC'ing in a city park somewhere in Wisconsin... then even better.
  9. IcrewUH60

    "As Wisconsin considers CCW, it could take lesson from Washington"

  10. IcrewUH60

    Latest Email from the [Wisconsin] Campaign for Liberty

    http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/hostedemail/email.htm?h=0cc3b96e76bd194b834356d09b2e9a46&CID=8594333039&ch=38F24CB7B681129FEDF84D5140B44A2A SNIP
  11. IcrewUH60

    OC @ WI Deer & Turkey Expo - Alliant Energy Center Madison, WI

    anybody ever have a problem OC'ing here? I've heard mixed accounts.
  12. IcrewUH60

    Gun Free School Zones in Verona, WI - Google Earth

    First attempt using Google Earth to map out the actual gun free school zones in my town. I know the topic of "knowing" the boundaries is controversial, so view at your own risk. the first is a standard jpeg (a preview, if you will) the second is the actual .kmz file you can download and open...
  13. IcrewUH60

    Where have we heard this from before?

    from http://www.barefootshooter.com/395/being-bizarre-in-texas.php could there be a common, national denominator for these kind of findings in our court systems? Are we ALL up against something bigger than the ignorance of our own local PD's?
  14. IcrewUH60

    OpenGovernment.org is live for Wisconsin

    http://wi.opengovernment.org/ (http://opengovernment.org is the homepage) it's like opencongress.org but for the state level. It also appears that the are working on getting the most current information. Interestingly they have a "Money Trail" section highlighting anti-gun contributions...
  15. IcrewUH60

    Dad wants to buy a Hi-Point .40 S&W - Your thougts or opinions needed

    My Dad is considering purchasing his 1st handgun and taking a few firearms training courses. He's in his late 50's and in decent shape. A Hi-Point .40 S&W caught his eye and he has asked me for advice. I know nothing about the brand so I am looking for advice to pass on to him. 1st hand...