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  1. Jack House

    Which one of you lives in Cleveland, Texas?

    So who is it I saw at Wal-Mart the other day?
  2. Jack House

    There are two types of people in this world...

    Those who missed me, and liars. :cool:
  3. Jack House

    Texas' 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is a lie

    HB 176 claims to nullify federal gun control. It nullifies federal requirements for tax stamps and registration. It makes it illegal for state and local law enforcement to enforce those federal laws. It even provides civil remedies. It doesn't repeal Texas' own prohibition of NFA items. It...
  4. Jack House

    Best part of Indepence Day

    It reveals Californians for the dirty Anti-American commies they truly are!
  5. Jack House

    WTF is wrong people?! 3yo dog attack victim kicked out of KFC for being scary

  6. Jack House

    Blue alcohol sign weight of law

    Does anyone know the statute that creates the penalties for carrying a weapon unlicensed into an establishment with a blue weapons warning sign? Does anyone know the statute that creates the penalties for carrying a weapon, other than handgun under the authority of a carry license, into an...
  7. Jack House

    It's been a recurrent dream of mine, a nightmare and yesterday it became reality.

    I have two recurring nightmares, being surrounded by spiders and being in a life or death situation needing to pull my gun and call the police, being unable to do either. It's never the same situation but always the same thing. Either my trigger wont pull, my gun wont fire or it's missing...
  8. Jack House

    Detroit justified homicides 22 times higher than national average

    http://www.thedaily.com/page/2012/02/05/020512-news-detroit-vigilantes-1-5/ Self defense shootings in Detroit are up 79% from the year before. It's a real damn shame that the citizens are forced to arm themselves just to stay safe, but I'm glad they're taking their safety seriously. On...
  9. Jack House

    Guns are bad, mkay!

  10. Jack House

    Shotgun or Rifle

    So I have about $500 to spend this weekend and there's this purty little shotgun at Walmart I'd like to buy. But I also want to buy an AR-15. Not sure whether to wait a couple weeks for the rifle or just go ahead and get the shotgun. So what would you guys do? Mind you I only have a handgun...
  11. Jack House

    Bloomberg Gets Told.. BY AN ABC REPORTER!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8es6M_9HKk That. Was. EPIC! :monkey
  12. Jack House

    I bought an AR--for investment value

    That's what I tell my wife too! I bought this lovely AR for it's investment value and for the value to rise, it must be broken in first! Oh... Wait a tic... I don't missus. *GASP!* I don't even have a rifle! *runs away crying* *turns around, runs back in and kicks the first person he sees in...
  13. Jack House

    Dick's Sporting Goods pulls semi automatic rifles

    Dick's have, for the time being, pulled all AR-15 and other undisclosed rifles from the shelves of all their stores. They also pulled all firearms from their stores near Newtown. http://fox17online.com/2012/12/18/dicks-sporting-goods-suspends-sales-of-semi-automatic-rifles/ Guess I won't be...
  14. Jack House

    Walmart vs. Manufacturing

    I've worked at Walmart, now I do manufacturing work. My Walmart shifts were 8 hours on the clock, with a one hour lunch break (off the clock) and two fifteen minute breaks. At my new job,I work four eleven hours and one nine. Each shift I get one 30 minute lunch and two fifteen mine breaks. I...
  15. Jack House

    Living the nomad life

    So I'm in Louisiana now, got a good job with good pay. Problem being that I don't have a permanent address. I'm living in a motel and will be so for a few months or more. I have a permanent address I can use, but that's in Texas. Obviously this presents some issues. Like residency which...
  16. Jack House


    I am now officially a nomad. :( I shall miss thee, Texas. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  17. Jack House

    Met an Obama and Hillary campaigner today.

    Didn't punch him in the face. I think I deserve a pat on the back for my amazing self control and restraint. :p Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  18. Jack House

    Marijuana: our ticket to repeal of all federal gun laws

    With marijuana growing strong support in the states while maintaining strong opposition on the federal level, it's only a matter of time before the fed either repeal prohibition on it or face a serious dust off with the states over it. With Obama in office, one would assume that repeal of...
  19. Jack House

    Outdated Liquor sign

    Found this at a local bar. Obviously this sign means nothing. It's speaking gibberish as far as I can tell. ;) Interestingly, I couldn't seem to locate the bar's liquor license.:uhoh:
  20. Jack House

    P99 Holsters

    With my looming visit to Louisiana, I'd like to take the opportunity to OC there. But since Texas is a CC only state, I only have an IWB holster. Ergo I'd need to buy an OWB OC holster. But since my gun is not very common, there aren't many holsters custom tailored for it without costing an arm...