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  1. littlewolf

    Bay Shore Mall Posted

    Got a call from my cousin the bus driver, Bay Shore Mall posted NO WEAPONS ON PROPERTY! as Per City Ord.blah,blah ,blah he said this was posted at entrance to parking lot. Any one else see this ? I personally did not because I'm 140 miles away .
  2. littlewolf

    Picnic ?

    Is there a OC picnic going on near Black River Falls today ?
  3. littlewolf

    Econo foods clintonville posted !

    Just got back from Econo Foods Clintonville ,on the way out I noticed the No Weapons Allowed sign. email sent to manager.
  4. littlewolf

    Act 35 published today

    ACT 35 published today ! What a great Birthday gift ....WHOOO WHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. littlewolf

    Nothing better than Trolls to Post About !

    I thought I'd get off the TROLL thing and post a little good news. I received an email from Sen. Ron Johnson in response to one I sent him a while back ,he is co sponsoring S570 that was introduced by Sen. Jon Testor that would prohibit the DOJ from requiring reporting of multiple gun sales by...
  6. littlewolf

    Range Rat gett'n hassled

    Got a call from Range Rat, surrounded by PD at South Ridge . Nik has been called. According to Range Rat he was stopped in his vehicle while leaving Sears. Apparently someone called and said he was OC'n in the mall. Wish him well.
  7. littlewolf

    A Funny Thing Happend at China Buffet Today

    While in Appleton today the wife and I had lunch at the China Buffet, as I sat down with my second helping ,the wife asked if I had my gun with me. I said always ,why ?Those people over there are stareing ,I don't know if it's my hair (bad hair day today) or your gun ! After careful...
  8. littlewolf

    Great time OC'n in Princeton

    Me and the wife hit up 4 antique shops there today with no shop owners screaming in terror... One owner asked about the laws and will start OC'n and a customer in another store thanked me for showing some NAD's and exercising 2a. Thanks to those Shops in Princeton. OH and CRAFTS TUCKED BACK in...
  9. littlewolf

    Hand Gun Humor

    Has anyone seen the new Ruger handgun produced in honor of Pres. Obama ? It's called the "UNION WOKER" It Doesn't work and can't be FIRED !
  10. littlewolf

    1st Encounter with LEO !

    Whilst shopping at Econo Foods in Clintonville this afternoon I was approached by a uniformed officer with a BIG :) on his face. He said he got a call and was obligated to check it out.He asked for the usual ID and I gave him my Florida CCW ,he said he saw my truck around town with my Little...
  11. littlewolf

    Any one own or shoot a Ciadel 1911?

    I picked one up today and did this right out of the box at 25'
  12. littlewolf

    While passing out pamphlets....

    While passing out some flyer's to Tactical Weapons Systems in Rosholt, I had a interesting conversation with the owner , he said he is all for cc but wants mandatory training ," can't have idiots running around with guns" he then says he doesn't know why people oc because you can't carry loaded...
  13. littlewolf

    CCW permit

    My Flordia CCW came in the mail today and wouldn't ya know it,it's signed by Charles Bronson ! Any one with a death wish ?
  14. littlewolf


    While exercising my God given Right to KABA at the Menard's in Plover I was approached by an alert clerk who saw my XD40 and could not resist the almighty question, Can you legally carry that ? As explained to him Art 1. Sec. 25 and 2A we had a nice conversation on when and where we can legally...
  15. littlewolf

    Let us not forget

    All the talk about repealing the CC ban lets not forget repealing 167.31(b) I'm wearing out my slide and the zipper on my case. This vehicle carry law renders our firearms useless against carjackings,causes safety concerns loading and unloading and brings undue attention to the carrier while...
  16. littlewolf

    YOU Sheriff or DNR ?

    After my umpteenth time OC'n at the Waupaca Fleet Farm I was approached by the automotive clerk and he asked sheriff or dnr? my reply : neither I have a right to defend myself and the law has no obligation to protect my old ass!and after close observation of the Waupaca sheriffs deputies I...
  17. littlewolf

    What constitutes concealed

    If I wear open on my hip a holster specificly designed for my hand gun and you can't see the gun is that consealed? My guess yes. Any thoughts?
  18. littlewolf

    WI DNR says you cant carry on 11/19/10

    While reading the DNR hunting regs,they say you cannot posess any firearm unless unloaded and in a case on 11/19/10 bewteen 12:00am and 11:59 pm It also states you cannot posess a rifle larger than a .22cal. in shotgun designated areas during the deer gun season! what about those who carry...