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  1. JeffSayers

    The last piece of official MOC communication on OCDO

    imported post As some of you may already be aware, I officially accepted the position of President on March 28th, 2010. It is a pleasure to announce that everything I have reviewed to date indicates that Michigan Open Carry is indeed a strong, solid organization. We have accomplished much in...
  2. JeffSayers

    From the Acting President of Michigan Open Carry

    imported post As of today, President John Roshek has resigned and I am taking his responsibilities as acting president. In addition to John's resignation, our Treasurer has also resigned today. Prior to these resignations, our Sergeant at Arms and Events Coordinator also resigned. I did not...
  3. JeffSayers

    Sault Sainte Marie Gun Show

    imported post We have had someone express interest in promoting open carry in the UP. There will be a gun show sponsored by the Chippewa County Shooting Association where this person would like to spread our message. They have asked if anyone can make the trip to assist them as they move...
  4. JeffSayers

    MOC, Inc. Board of Directors Appoints New Vice President

    imported post As of today I have been appointed by the MOC, Inc. Board of Directors as Vice President. It is a great honor to me to be entrusted with this responsibility. As most of you know, there is a lot of leadership restructuring happening within MOC. Once this process has been...
  5. JeffSayers


    imported post If you are reading this, you have a beleif in the cause of this group. I urge everyone to take a few days of abstinence, collect your thoughts and prepare for some rational discusisons. It is becoming clear some things are going to get shaken up here; let's make it settle into a...
  6. JeffSayers

    Flatbed semi truck for sale

    imported post Saving on our bandwidth http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/1512598595.html You can reach me through here or the craigslist site with any questions.
  7. JeffSayers

    The great pumpkin shoot

    imported post Hey everyone, Lots of stuff going on but I just wanted to put out a reminder that in a few weeks there will be many derelict pumpkins running around. Being the good citizens that we are, it is our duty to round these gourds up and take them out to the firing line in Lapeer for a...
  8. JeffSayers

    Warren City Council

    imported post A few of us have gotten together and decided to address the city council as to the actions of the PD and their illegal ordinances. We have a script drafted but we still need a Warren resident to speak at the next meeting on October 13th (?). If you are interested in speaking or...
  9. JeffSayers

    Biometric Gun Safe

    imported post I am just starting to look into this, does anyone have one? Anyone with inside information?
  10. JeffSayers

    The "Official" Defense Fund

    imported post GOAL $10,000 To Date Pledge Total $1,100 STILL NEEDED $8,900 :exclaim:Excellent, we have a comma in the black number! :exclaim: Let's make this happen. A few people have been stepped on and we need to help at least one of them fight back. No money will be collected...
  11. JeffSayers

    Art and Gun Fair

    imported post Mr. Ed Stross, owner of Studio Gonzo located on the northwest corner of Gratiot Avenue and Utica Road in Roseville has invitedusto set up a table during his art fair. (Details below) The event is expected to have a good turnout of customers and media. Anyone that may be able to...
  12. JeffSayers

    Defending our rights in 2009

    imported post :cuss:
  13. JeffSayers

    Defending our rights in 2009

    imported post The second amendment needs YOU!
  14. JeffSayers

    Defending our rights in 2009

    imported post How can we make this happen guys?
  15. JeffSayers


    imported post OK, fair warning here Venator... sit down and take some blood pressure medication. You're going to explode. Rather than typing everything out again, I'll just let the group read my letter to my police chief. I have gone from slightly annoyed to extremely outraged, back to annoyed...
  16. JeffSayers

    Belle Isle Picnic - October 26th

    imported post Hey everyone, The picnic is confirmed for October 26th. Please see the events thread (http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum30/15478.html) for full details. Please send me a PM to register and let me know if you can help with any of the needed items. Edit: - Expecting the weather to...
  17. JeffSayers


    imported post I am slightly concerned about making the date too close to the A2 picnic, that is a lot of driving 2 weekends in a row. However, it is also getting cold on the island. Let's see what everyone thinks and let the majority rule.
  18. JeffSayers

    Unfriendly Businesses

    imported post Have you been asked to leave a place of business because you were armed? Not sure what to do next. Well, I am here to help. I have a passion forwritten persuasion and I detest businesses that do not accomodate their customers. Do not post here, but rather please send an email...