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  1. Lurchiron

    Democrats are the shooters?

    Well...at least you didn't claim to be a PO'd man; with a gun :uhoh:. Why don't Herr Ross & yourself roadtrip over here, we'll go hunting...I mean wolves gotta eat; right??? :idea:
  2. Lurchiron

    Democrats are the shooters?

    The only good Donkey... is a Gelded Donkey Come and get your free stuff, little Dem's...
  3. Lurchiron

    Hand gun against a bear.

    When in doubt of your gun's ability; stick to the old adage... You don't have to outrun the bear, just your buddy. :cool:
  4. Lurchiron

    How we know that the earth is old

    There's a good TV commercial that hawks these units that you stick rolls of wax paper, plastic wrap, and/or aluminum foil in and they then dispense the exact amount needed for your purpose. Matter of fact they even preload them with the roll of choice for you...I'm guessing the aluminum foil...
  5. Lurchiron

    Has anyone been pushed to change religions while in the military

    Looks like someone mistook their butt-plug for a pacifier again...I don't care who ya are; betcha that leaves a bad taste in your mouth! Rainbows suck; I bet your teams do also...:shocker:
  6. Lurchiron

    Question about carrying in a bar in Wisconsin with a Michigan CPL

    Don't know...but if you ......................................., I'm sure they'd be mighty appreciative :dude: :cool:
  7. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    Don't be offended by what I say, It's meant to make you think. Old Norse saying: "Don't piss on my boots, then tell me it's raining"... :uhoh:
  8. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    Spoken like a true Godless COWARD...Again NITHING :mad:
  9. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    NITHING... My advice...take two Midol's & call it a day. :arrow::arrow::arrow:
  10. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    So...Just because I don't take your side, that means I'm lumped with the believers of Abraham??? Again... what's your view on the time honored practice of Holmgang??? (fingers tapping desktop) Waiting...:shocker:
  11. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    Danger, Will Robinson...DANGER!!!
  12. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    I don't know...maybe his tin-hat needs relining, perhaps we should take up an intra-faith collection; and buy him some Reynold's Wrap??? :lol:
  13. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    Hmmmm... Hey, Svartalfar das keyboard commando; what are your views on the time honored practice of Holmgang ??? :uhoh: :dude:
  14. Lurchiron

    Freedom From Religion

    +1...and the ironic part is that they can't even agree on a symbol of their own; must be what gets those panties in a bunch :idea: Sig Ostara und Alaf Sal Fena :cool:
  15. Lurchiron

    Kimber's rule!!!

    AN ACTUAL CRAIG'S LIST PERSONALS AD To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2011-11-27, 1:43 am. E.S.T. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend...
  16. Lurchiron

    Cornfused on where to vote

    I'm set on where my polling place is, but I was wondering if the Dems know that they have to go to Illinois to cast their choices... :confused:
  17. Lurchiron

    Show us your rigs...

    Alright all you(and you know who you are) lucky CCL holders, start showing off the leather & nylon goodies; both OC & CC versions. Post a review & some pics; and don't forget the links... :cool: http://www.epsaddlery.com/pc-187-23-spyder-shoulder-system-double-holster-rig.aspx Come to...
  18. Lurchiron

    Do you think their will be any flash mobs in Milwaukee this summer ?

    and sunburned w/o the proper SPF applied... :)
  19. Lurchiron

    Falls Man Charged With Carrying a BB Gun, Hollow Point Bullets in His Car

    I thought it was green with envy, or jealousy: that green-headed monster... :cool:
  20. Lurchiron

    No suspects in custody!!!

    Well...back when I was single and running late for a date; works just like toothpaste, I thought. Kinda weeds out the wallflowers that way!!! :cool: