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  1. Remmy

    State Legislators Southwest Community Chat

    OUR STATE LEGISLATORS WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Southwest Community Chat Hosted by Senator Justin Jones & Assemblyman James Healey Saturday, February 23 10:00 am – 12 noon Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurant 8390 South Rainbow Blvd. (between Windmill & Wigwam) Las Vegas, NV 89139 Representatives...
  2. Remmy

    OC Meet and Greet February 14th Starbucks

    Spit balling on the facebook page I organized this a few years back and we had a pretty good turn out. I know its valentines day and lots of poeple celebrate this, my girlfriend and I aren't celebrating it in a traditional sense, we will be OCing and going to Starbucks to show our appreciation...
  3. Remmy

    Cyber-Patriot Act in the Making

    I posted this on my facebook just a few moments ago and i thought I would share this with my fellow OCers here. this isnt gun related but it sure is liberty and freedom related.
  4. Remmy

    40 minutes earlier and I would have been in the hosptial

    I went to lunch today at bomas bar/grill they have really good food and i often go there for lunch its down the street from my office, today i went at 12:00 noon left the bar at 12:40 then all hell breaks loose while im back at work and sirens and birds all over the place...
  5. Remmy

    Another Uneventful weekend of OCing Around The Valley

    Well I thought I'd go ahead and post up about my weekend shenanigans. I work nights so I dont really venture out all too often until the weekend Friday and Saturday for myself. Friday I spent the day running around the south west, I first needed to get that good ole smog job done on the truck...
  6. Remmy

    WA OC Logo

    So, my better half and I designed a logo to use for the Nevada OC movement and thought while we were at it to start in on some of the other states. This is just a rough idea for yall so take it and do what ya want with it or keep it how it is. we tried to keep it with state colors but not all...
  7. Remmy

    Town Square Meet 5.28.10

    imported post Posting this for clarification purposes that this event is a go. When: May 28th, Friday, 2010 Where: Town Square Time: 7PM Meeting Place: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign We will be meeting/gathering at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for a picture then we will Head over to...
  8. Remmy

    Town Square Meet Interest Inquiry

    imported post So I was doing my normal forum browsing and stopped over at nevadashooters and found this thread: http://nevadashooters.com/showthread.php?t=10408 I was shocked that a outside mall would take such actions as Trinitas and I were just at the premium outlets both OCing. I think...
  9. Remmy

    Nevada OC Logo and More

    imported post After doing extensive research and looking what was the best option for t-shirts, buttons and all that jazz, we've come up with two options to hopefully suit everyone's needs. There is no minimum to buy, and all shirts will be made to order whether it be 1 or 100. Store Front...
  10. Remmy

    Off Topic

    imported post The more you drive the more you pay twice
  11. Remmy

    Ohio State Shooting - 2 wounded 1 dead

    imported post Ohio State Shooting yes gun free school zones work alright mmhmm yup yup yup... :banghead:
  12. Remmy

    Starbucks Appreciation Day

    imported post Found this on NVshooters thought I post it up here, looks like this is a national thing some of the OCers over on NVshooters I think are going to meet up at the joint http://www.supportstarbucks.com/ April 20th any starbucks
  13. Remmy

    Letter to Company for OCing at work.

    imported post Well I am definitely still very new here and i wanted to put this out here for some feedback and or suggestions. My company currently has a no weapons at work policy and I work a grave yard shift till 3am and am requesting from upper management and the company itself permission to...