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  1. usmcmustang

    How many Sheriff's here in Nevada would sign this letter?...hmmmmmmm

    It's Time To Stand And Be Counted The Right of Self Defense for all individuals is a God-given unalienable right that precedes our country's foundation and all government institutions. Our Founders believed this right was so vital that they unanimously declared it as part of the Bill of Rights...
  2. usmcmustang

    A Bit of Trivia

    Would anyone take a guess in what document these two Articles appear? ARTICLE XLIII. Carry arms openly. All persons known to be of good character and of sound mind and suitable age... shall be encouraged to carry arms openly. ARTICLE XLIV. No person to carry concealed weapons. No...
  3. usmcmustang

    Clark County Handgun Registration program revisited

    Hey, I know there's at least one thread somewhere in here talking about challenging the CC handgun registration program on the basis of its inefficiency, financial burden, ineffectual results, etc., etc. I found a Review Journal article from 2010...
  4. usmcmustang

    Let Me Entertain You...

    Let Me Entertain You… Okay, so TigerLily (TL) is on her motorcycle this past weekend and she is open carrying her Springfield XD .45. She is traversing the expanses of the great city of North Las Vegas, NV, near the city police station on Lake Mead Blvd. Well, an NLV police cruiser with...