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  1. TechnoWeenie

    Looks legit........

  2. TechnoWeenie

    Unattended vehicle clarification

    I already have the mount and lock. They're made by Pro-gard, although big sky makes them too.
  3. TechnoWeenie

    Unattended vehicle clarification

    What I consider plain view and what an officer wants to arrest you for are different things. Hence the clarification. Unless the guy is laying on the ground, he won't be able to see the weapon, but of course, the officer is gonna say it's 'readily visible'.... Even if it's not plainly/clearly...
  4. TechnoWeenie

    Unattended vehicle clarification

    As I understand it, in an unattended vehicle.... 1. Loaded pistol MUST be out of sight, and doors locked. 2. UNloaded pistol may be in plain sight (law says loaded pistol...................must be out of view) 3. Rifle may be in plain sight, but not loaded. Sound right?
  5. TechnoWeenie

    Army leaks plans - shoot civilians in civil unrest

    U.S. Army Military Police School Civil Disturbance Operations Course Link No warning shots will be fired. 'Temporary detention facilities' don't get mail / correspondence. Escapees will be shot. Application of Force. a. General. (1) Civil disturbance operations by federal forces will...
  6. TechnoWeenie

    America :The story of US - REVOLUTION!

    Full episode What better way to spend your 4th of July than learn a little about your country? It's a pretty well done documentary on our revolution, with more 'behind the scenes' type information that you don't learn in school. I considered myself pretty well versed on the revolution, but...
  7. TechnoWeenie

    Political correctness (It's a wash!)

    Can't believe that things have gotten so bad that they start to invade my own home.... So, I'm doing some chores around the house, and started thinking about some things.. Whites, and coloreds, mainly... segregation...environment.. cleansing..etc But then I realized, that I shouldn't call...
  8. TechnoWeenie

    Should I OC this to Seattle today?

  9. TechnoWeenie

    Home depot issues - AGAIN

    So, I've had issues at Home Depot, but got that straightened out like 3 years ago... Today, I walk in to get some pipe insulation for my AR pistol lower.... I brought my stripped lower with me, to make sure I got the right size.... So I pick it up, head to checkout, and hand over my cash...
  10. TechnoWeenie

    Planning BBQ in Lacey/Olympia

    BBQ in Lacey May 6th @ noon - potluck Woodland Creek Community Park 6729 Pacific Avenue SE I'm tentatively planning for May 6th. @ It's gonna be a pot luck, so if you wanna come, chime in with what you're going to bring.. If you're financially strapped, don't worry about bringing...
  11. TechnoWeenie

    Penn and Teller on patriotism

  12. TechnoWeenie

    Cabela's GO with R. Lee Ermey.. 04/21/2012 Tulalip

    Gonna be heading up there from Oly around 9..... Anyone wanna tag along? I got room for 5. Only reason I'm going is to meet him, and try to get my AK autographed.. :D
  13. TechnoWeenie

    Shouting 'USA!USA!' is racist..

    Video School apologizes for 'racial incident' after high school basketball game.. W T F
  14. TechnoWeenie

    Car pool to TC/Olympia/Lacey Caucus. 03/03/2012 - SAT

    Doors open at 9..... Who wants a ride? Precinct caucus locations: Red Lion Inn 2300 Evergreen Park Drive SW Olympia WA 98502 map Precincts meeting at this location: 029, 030, 031, 032, 034, 035, 038, 039, 042, 044, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049,​050, 052, 053, 054, 055, 060, 061, 062, 063, 064...
  15. TechnoWeenie

    Yeah.. proof gun control works...

    Here is a feed from Twitter, BY MPDC.... It's as of 1600 Pacific 22 Jan 2012.. I did not edit... I cut and paste (you'll notice protester things). This annoys me to no end. DCPoliceDept DC Police Department Robbery in the 200blk of Rhode Island Ave NW. LOF a B/M, 16-19 yoa, lk coat, blk...
  16. TechnoWeenie

    Attempted robbery at waffle house encounters a problem...

    Customer armed with a handgun interrupts the robbery, leaving one robber dead.. Link SPARTANBURG, SC (AP) -- Authorities say a customer at a South Carolina Waffle shop pulled a gun and shot one of two men trying to rob the restaurant.
  17. TechnoWeenie

    OT: Fired for what an employee did...

    So, I managed a sprint store, up until today. I had an employee who my DM would not let me fire... I wrote him multiple times for the same stuff...bad attitude, poor customer service, everything you can think of.. They finally fired him yesterday.. I come into work today, and my DM shows up...
  18. TechnoWeenie

    Attacking police exemption laws

    Fed laws allow police to get FA weapons like candy... some states allow NFA weapons for police but outlaw civilian ownership. Has anyone fought these unfair laws via 14th amendment claim? Seems like it'd be pretty cut and dry, we are not provided equal protection under the law, as the law has...