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  1. Firemark

    What will Open Carry be like in CA 2012?

    I spoke to a patrol officer a 3 days before 2012 and asked if he had recieved any training regarding "Open Carry". He replied that he had read a memo about 3 years ago now, doesnt remember to much about it, and had actually been involved once in contacting some open carriers. I asked...
  2. Firemark

    One last San Diego Handgun Open Carry before its illegal.

    January 30th. ALL DAY EVENT open carry in downtown San Diego in the Gas Lamp, Shopping, lunch, coffee, Ice cream, dinner. RSVP me a private email for safety briefing details and known zones for schools. Feel free to chime in here and encourage others to attend. This will be a Handgun only...
  3. Firemark

    You must protect yourself when carrying, ALWAYS! carry recording devices.

    I use This one. Works great, PM me for more info on best way to use it.
  4. Firemark

    Car Show Oct.8th 2011, Santee Town Center

    There is a good chance I can not make this event but im posting it anyways as it is a great OC spot and has been used many times before. Car show web site People have met at Oggi's restaurant before OC'ing 12 noon meet time. RSVP if you are going.
  5. Firemark

    You must protect yourself when carrying, ALWAYS! carry recording devices.

    A news story of withheld evidence. No matter how safe you think it is, or how friendly you think LE is to you or 2A issues, be smart and carry recording devices. Before you step out into public with your firearm, you must have tape rolling and hidden on your body to record everything that...
  6. Firemark

    SD city UOC lunch meet (Clairemont Square) Sat. Sept 17th.

    Clairemont Square shopping center food court hasnt been utilized in quites some time, we will have a UOC lunch meet at 12 Noon on Saturday Sept. 17th. First timers or forum lurkers are welcome, carrying is not a requirement to attend if you want to meet like minded people and get more info...
  7. Firemark

    Next San Diego County OC meet and greet.

    La Mesa Oktoberfest is held the weekend of Sept 30, Oct 1-2. La Mesa CA Lets do a meet and greet on Friday and Sunday. There will be large crowds of people, parking will be an issue, research your school zones. Post here an RSVP if you will attend, we can hammer out details for dining and...
  8. Firemark

    Please go on Facebook and Like ACAV

    Borrowed from CalGuns, seems LCAV keeps deleting any discourse or dissenting opinions on its page, ACAV is the response. ACAV
  9. Firemark

    San Diego area Open Carry meet (La Mesa)

    The last car show of this summer will be held in downtown La Mesa this Thursday Aug 25th. 5-8pm http://www.lmvma.com/SeasonalEvents/Car-Show.aspx Por Favor Restaurant and Cosmo Coffee house are 2A friendly. As always do your own research on GFSZ's. pretty much all of the main downtown strip is...
  10. Firemark

    UOC dinner and coffee July 28th 2011 La Mesa (44th anniversary of 12031 enactment)

    Thursday evening dinner and coffee afterwards in La Mesa at Por Favor 1800 hours (6pm) Por Favor Restaurant and then coffee afterwards just down the street at Cosmos. Cosmos Coffee Have UOC'd both locations before and E checked by La mesa PD. bring flyers and your best personality lots of...
  11. Firemark

    San Diego Lunch UOC meet up (August 13th 2011)

    Ok with everyones busy schedules and summer plans I decided to pick this saturday over 1 month out. So there is plenty of time to plan for and attend, hoepfully no one will have a double booking issue. Beach area will probably be the coolest, but im open to any other suggestions. The...
  12. Firemark

    4th of July OC at the beach (SD)

    Ok I decided to enjoy the beach and OC, I have a premium parking spot and 2 slots left for the carpool. Terrorist threat level is raised for the weekend, and its Americas Bday, no better reason to celebrate and practice freedom. San Diego area, give me a PM very similar deal to July 9th meet...
  13. Firemark

    OC meetup San Diego July 9th

    A Saturday lunch is planned for July 9th at 12:00pm, noon at The Firehouse American Eatery and Lounge:cool: It should be sunny and beautiful at the coast, afterwards we may go for a stroll to get some Coffee:shocker:, and even play some pool:banana:. Restaurant, coffee house, and pool hall...
  14. Firemark

    San Diego Thursday dinner 6/22/11

    Sorry about the late notice, yes its tomorrow night but maybe I can get some people together. Dinner at the beach, 6pm at the Firehouse eatery in Pacific Beach, and maybe some coffee or billiards afterwards. http://www.firehousepb.com/ For any new people this is a regular meetup place for...
  15. Firemark

    How to use the 12031 'E' check to help the cause of open carry

    I wanted to start this string to get a conversation going about ideas and experiences regarding an 'E' check. Specifically during large events like community fairs where LE is present in larger numbers and the crowds are present in large numbers. It seems to me that since many of us all know...
  16. Firemark

    San Diego Sat. 28th OC meet. Memorial Day

    So I found this, was wondering what you guys think about? http://www.midway.org/veteranswreathceremony Even if they dont let us on for free, we can enjoy the memorial from Bob Hope park and the Kissing the war goodbye statue. Early start though, 0900 and parking may be a problem.. feedback?
  17. Firemark

    San Diego Sunday May15th Lunch meet.

    Sunday May 15th Santee Trolley Square food court 12pm noon. Before it gets to hot to meet in Santee. Chime in if you are coming especially if it is your first time. This replaces the 22nd meet, which Im unable to attend.
  18. Firemark

    San Diego Lunch meet May 22th

    Sunday May 22th Santee Trolley Square food court 12pm noon. Before it gets to hot to meet in Santee. Chime in if you are coming especially if it is your first time.
  19. Firemark

    Scheduling weekly San Diego meet-ups.

    With all the new people that keep joining and all the regulars, I really want to try and set a day of the week for meet ups that fits as many peoples schedule as possible. So for this string please put down the days of the week you can make a meetup and best times. See if we can get a good...
  20. Firemark

    Carpool to Pasadena SBOC dinner April 21st from San Diego

    I am attending the Pasadena dinner on April 21st. I am willing to start a carpool for all those interested. I can legally transport 8 passengers, with traffic it may be between 2.5 to 3 hour drive. Thats a 4 pm departure. We can split gas costs and significantly add to the numbers attending the...