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  1. J

    School being held liable for their inactions which resulted in school shooting.

    There has been a movement titled, "Breaking the school to prison pipeline," active in schools for over a decade now. The focus is on NOT reporting crimes committed on school grounds to law enforcement. School systems like this, because they don't have to report violent events in schools. Law...
  2. J

    NC Resident with another state’s permit

    North Carolina recognizes any other states permit (resident or non-resident). Your plan will work, if you don't want to open carry or wait.
  3. J

    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    I just picked up 30 used Subway gift cards, on Ebay. As soon as I'm done cutting them all up, I'll be mailing them to local Subway stores. They're all interdependently owned. Best $6 spent this week.
  4. J

    Whatcom County OC

    Tell that to BLM and Antifa.
  5. J

    Carry on Corps of Engineers property?

    I'm sure every park and person is different, but the personnel I've spoken to, pretty much follow the don't ask / don't tell philosophy.
  6. J

    National Reciprocity

    They play chess; we play checkers.