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  1. J

    Weapon in vehicle at work

    Did NC pass legislation restricting an employers ability to stop employees from having weapons in their vehicles? I remember hearing about it when the castle doctrine came about but I wasnt sure what ever happened with it, and a search didnt pull up anything significant. Anyone know?
  2. J

    Moving to Mississippi

    So from what I have red so far, it seems like Mississippi laws are way more complex than they need to be, and im pretty dag on confused about what i can and cant to. LOL. im in NC now where i can do bout anything i please open carry wise. Can someone break it down for me. all the law lingo has...
  3. J

    more reason we should open carry

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QjZY3WiO9s&feature=related HAHAH.. i seriously cant help but laught at leftist media. lets give a bunch of non experiance people a level iii holster and gloves and 20 minuets of training and see what happens.
  4. J

    Goldsboro IGA off limits

    Went on my monthly meat trip to the IGA (feed my dogs meat) get to the door and there is a giant sticker on the window ... you know which one im talking about. So i ask the manager when they put up the signs..a month ago... why...because customers feel uncomfortable when someone has a gun in...
  5. J

    open carry with concealed weapon..

    if you are open carrying.. then it is known that you have a weapon. so if you have a sneaky pete on your ankle, would that be breaking concealed carry laws? (if youdont have a concealed carry permit) i assume technically the weapon is concealed so yes, but if you are showing.. then why would...
  6. J

    I am so heated

    ANOTHER NIGHT with no liberties.. WHAT IN THE %*^*^ gives the government to tell me, a grown @^& tax paying citizen that i have to be in my house by 9pm... and that i cant leave until 5... OMG.. i dont care if the world is on fire and china is storming the beaches, in my opinion GOVERNMENT AT NO...
  7. J

    does your state treat guns like basketball goals?

  8. J

    My neighborhood bill goes to commitee tommorrow

    since you guys are probably the only people that i know for a fact will help, i ask for you to call your reps and ask them to support HB196 in the government committed tommorow. if your rep is on this list, please give them a call...
  9. J

    Just Called my Represenative regarding Open Carry

    talked to the secretary I informed them of incidents of people being stopped while open carrying. I told him about the case law precedents that stated a cop couldn't detain you for JUST open carrying, but that they were still doing it. while there is case precdent, there is no STATUTE. after a...
  10. J

    whats the craziest law you can find?

    NCGS § 14‑79.1. Larceny of pine needles or pine straw. If any person shall take and carry away, or shall aid in taking or carrying away, any pine needles or pine straw being produced on the land of another person upon which land notices, signs, or posters prohibiting the raking or removal of...
  11. J

    Assault PJC and CHP

    so a friend of mine asked me about it, and i looked up the law. he has a assualt charge from an recently failed marriage..he didnt hurt the girl AT ALL, but the technicality of the court system got him and he ended up with a PJC. from what ive read, he wont be able to get a CHP, or possibly...
  12. J

    what would your addition be?

    if you had to add 1 single line to the constitution regarding gun laws what would it be? mine would be "There shall be no infringement upon a citizen's right to defend himself, with or without arms, or infringement upon a citizens right to carry said arm either visibly or concealed, unless the...
  13. J

    (non gun) De-annexation of my neighborhood

    Hey guys, i know most of you, like me, probably dont support drawing an imaginary line around someone and charging them double in taxes to live there while not providing the same services as to the rest of the city..(after they blocked an incorporation atempt by our neighborhood btw) .well, if...
  14. J

    the smartest 10 year old in the world (non gun related)

    sooo... the lady im talking to has alot of kids. lol. and 4 of her kids stay in TX with their dad, and they came up for a visit. So ive NEVER met this kid before, never even talked on the phone to him (i had to his sisters, but not him or his brothers) So im at her house, and this 10 year old...
  15. J

    WOO HOO Wally World!!

    Hope i dont get someone fired for this... but i usually go to wal-marts on sunday. (they get truck on sat here) and get 2 boxes from each store. Well i go today and the guy was like "what you need", i was like "federal 40" not mentioning i wanted 2, cuz i just assummed he would know and hand me...
  16. J

    The Law on Banks

    Can someone give me a diffinitive answer on wether or not it is legal to OC in banks. I know they have a sign that says "no CC" and i guess that is a law at some level (i assume federal) but i cant find anything about OC. and also, would the "state employees" credit union be considered...