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    Leesburg/Loudoun County Lawyer

    anyone know an attorney in Leesburg/Loudoun County that can assist with a FOIA request. It's for a friend; Leesburg PD is giving him the run around.
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    Pistol stolen/lost and now found.

    pistol found, apparently my wife really is a blonde. Anyway... When looking through the case for the paperwork, I found an envelope with a spent shell casing. Is there a database that the government keeps?
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    Facebook photo, gun stories...?

    there was a photo/pic floating around on facebook that listed crimes stopped by armed citizens in 2012 NOT covered by the national media. Anyone have a link to this?
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    open carry WV

    Any of you open carry in WV? Ever have any problems with the police? The reason I ask is I was helping a friend with his concealed permit and came across the following: It is important to note that while West Virginia is an “open carry” state the ability to carry openly is deemed by law...
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    Alamo Drafthouse (Winchester)

    The Alamo Drafthouse off of I-81 exit 310 just went open carry only. I'm not sure when, haven't seen them before, but they have signs posted no concealed carry. Might be a good venue for an open carry event. For those of you wondering what the Alamo Drafthouse is, it's a movie theater that...
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    any XD owners have the Crimson Trace LG-466?

    As the title states, any owners? I'm thinking of getting one and am wondering what current owners think of the laser.
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    Loudoun Country ordinance - 684.01 SHOTGUNS OR RIFLES IN VEHICLES.

    Doesn't § 15.2-915. Control of firearms; applicability to authorities and local governmental agencies. apply to all firearms, rifles and shotguns included? Loudoun County has an ordinance on the books that states: 684.01 SHOTGUNS OR RIFLES IN VEHICLES. (a) No person shall transport, possess...
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    Is Winchester in violation with regard to how they set up their courthouse?

    Any of you been to the courthouse in Winchester? The first floor houses the clerks office, the Sheriffs Dept and some other office. All of the courtrooms are on the second floor. There are metal detectors as soon as you walk in and no weapons allowed in any portion of the building. Is this in...
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    Pay those student loans!

    STOCKTON, CA - Kenneth Wright does not have a criminal record and he had no reason to believe a S.W.A.T team would be breaking down his door at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. http://www.news10.net/news/article/141072/2/Dept-of-Education-breaks-down-Stockton-mans-door
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    Take Back Independence Day

    http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=206151566087404 I'm designing a black t-shirt with a black and white American flag flown upside down over the left chest with (in color) the American flag fading into the gadsden flag on the back. I'm doing it at cafe press so if anyone is interested you'll...
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    shoulder holster

    anyone know of a good comfortable shoulder holster that I could use when out fishing an kayaking? I bought one online but it doesn't feel right.
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    reckless discharge of a firearm

    posing a question for a friend who was charged... Scenario: Skeet shooting and homeowner claims rounds were hitting their garage which is located about 300 yrds away. Questions: First off, I don't shoot shotguns but that range seems pretty damn far to me. Second, would local LE be require...