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    Washoe Sheriff won't run for third term

    Now is the time to find a good Top Cop for Washoe County, one who actually understands the 2nd Amendment. If you're in the Reno area and know someone would would be a good candidate, don't keep the name to yourself!
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    Shooting at Renown Medical Center (Reno)

    Reports say that some goblin shot 3 people (killing one) before shooting himself. I wish these idiots would do it in reverse order.
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    Android app to list "dangerous" guns and gun owners

    I think that we should all get this app, and mark our homes with the warning that we "Will shoot intruders!" But maybe we should call their office first to find out if that's okay: (225) 267-7346...
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    Federal gun bill

    I'm not a single-issue voter, but if this "Second Amendment Protection Act" passes, I doubt that I would ever vote for another Republican. If they get their universal background checks, nothing will get any better -- and their next step will be to go after OC, because they "need to know who's...
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    OC at Reno Walmart during "Pig Day"

    Animal rights people plan to picket the Walmart on 2nd St in Reno tomorrow (2 APR) to show their solidarity with pigs. http://www.foxreno.com/news/news/local/bloody-caged-pig-be-used-animal-rights-protest-out/nW8YJ/ Sounds like a good time to visit Walmart and buy bacon. OC, of course.
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    Target designator

    Something to think about . . .
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    "No Gun" sign REMOVED from Boston Market in Reno!

    That's right, we seem to have won one! I've been to this place twice -- once a year or so ago, the other time a couple of days ago. The first time, they had a big sign on the wall near the doors telling me that my civil rights were not to be observed there. I informed them that I would not be...
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    19 JAN 2013 -- Gun Appreciation Day

    This group is trying to organize rallies at gun shops and ranges. http://gunappreciationday.com/ I think rallies at the offices of our Elect Federal Officials would be of more use.
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    Truth is where you find it

    "Americans never give up your guns. These days, there are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bear arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions." Would you believe that this...
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    Harry Reid just stabbed you in the back -- with the knife that you gave him

    “In the coming days and weeks, we’ll engage in a meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate about how to change laws in a culture that allows this violence to continue to grow." I really doubt that he's talking about the laws which keep teachers defenseless. Gee, aren't you all glad you...
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    Humboldt County library and offices

    It comes as no surprise that the same type of "No Fireams" signs -- including erroneous NRS citation -- are at the doors of the library and public offices. Having a few minutes to spare, I addressed the issue with the lady in charge at the library, who referred me to Bill Deist, the County...
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    7 Rules for Recording Police

    Reason Magazine posted this article, which might be of value to some of us here. http://reason.com/archives/2012/04/05/7-rules-for-recording-police
  13. D

    USSC Justice Breyer robbed at machete-point

    This is the guy who said "There simply is no untouchable constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to keep loaded handguns in the house in crime-ridden urban areas." I wonder if he has any different thought, now that he's been robbed -- in his West Indies vacation home -- by a guy...
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    $2 bills to support the Second Amendment

    It has been suggested that we all go to Starbucks on Valentine's Day, and that we buy with $2 bills. I strongly urge anyone here to help give Starbucks their best sales day ever, but more than that, I think that we should start using $2 bills to support the local businesses which support our...
  15. D

    Qs about OC / CC

    I'm going to be working a temporary contract in the Pittsburgh area. Coming from Nevada, I'm used to the situation here, and wonder if I have to change practices here. I have a Utah CCW card, which PA recognizes. In NV, there is a state pre-emption law which says that local governments can't...
  16. D

    Reno Motor Vehicles office encounter

    I got back in town today just in time to go register my RTP at the Reno Motor Vehicles office on Galetti Rd (go in on Saturdays, it eas almost empty!). There was an issue with my insurance card, so I was on the phone with the company when the security guy came up behind me. He asked if I was...
  17. D

    Cleanup project im Reno

    AM 780 just had a PSA for a cleanup day soon (didn't hear when. Might be a good OC activity.
  18. D

    In LV for a couple of days, gonna OC

    I'm weather-locked here in LV (heading back to Reno on a motorcycle trip to PHX), so going to OC while I'm here. I don't gamble, so no sweat with the casino hoplophobia, but not sure what else to do here. Any OC walks scheduled tonight through Saturday night? I guess I'll go check out the...
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    Let's do OCs at Walmart -- buying toys for Toys For Tots

    Let's get folks all over to OC at Wally World, in the toy department, then help fill the Toys For Tots bins. I can't think of a better cause to get together for.
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    Let's walk downton Reno, Friday at 7 PM

    Either this upcoming Friday (3 SEP) or the following Friday (10 SEP) -- or maybe BOTH. We'll start at the river, walk up one side past Circus Circus then back down the other. RSVP. If we can't get at least half a dozen, it's not worth doing.