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    OC in the San Luis Valley

    I OC every day every where I go. Didn't used to, but I like it. Nobody has seemed very concerned. Walmart, city Mkt, safeway, everywhere. When I come across a store (or other) with a no gun sign I make sure they know they didn't get my money. Only once or twice have I gotten a funny look. I do...
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    Selling ammo in CO.

    Fellow OC'ers, in Colorado, please delete Does anyone know if a special License is required to sell ammo I CO?
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    Guns and Money Making

    Hello All, enjoying the forum very much. Does anyone know if you need an FFL to sell ammo? Can I sell everything BUT the weapon without an FFL? Thanks in advance for your responses, Chuckie
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    new to OC

    I am new to open carry, and I must say it is a very different experience. My reasoning for OC is I do not want myself or any body around me to become a victim if there is any thing I can do about it. At first I did not think I needed a CC permit, however it seems very easy to have my coat or...