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    New Centennial Gun Store

    Has anyone been in this new store located in Centennial just north of the airport at Arapahoe and Peoria. I work only a few miles away and am at the airport all the time so I guess I need to go in and say hello and find out about their 6 lane range. The has been in the works for some time and...
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    OC Castle Rock Chase Bank

    Just left this bank after being asked to remove my firearm that was clearly visible. I have been in this bank many times while OC'ing and the manager told me it was against the law. Had a nice dialoge with her explaining that it was not against the law, they could ask me to leave and that they...
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    CSU wants a Ban

    imported post http://www.denverpost.com/ci_13905048?_requestid=8224665 The students are more right in this example. Several comments regarding recent events, VA Tech, Northen Ill Univ, Fort Hood are all gun free zones. The students if properly trained should be able to "pack their heat" as...