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    Open carry at library?

    Last night it became personal. Dear Jennifer Schember, Last evening, my loved one attended a small business conference held at one of the local library’s. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by this sign: Between the sign, and the statements procured from the armed Mercenary stationed at the...
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    Sales tax

    Here is the law cited by the state... Here is an actual letter to a local FFL concerning the matter, along with a transaction receipt. Here is Occasional sales defined (it is listed as an exemption) My end analysis is Theft.
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    The Combative Pistol Sight

    Great article. Older article but still has great insight: A focus on sighting systems designed for winning a gunfight By Dave Spaulding Read more: http://www.handgunsmag.com/tactics-training/tactics_training_combativep_061207/#ixzz3NLy2yekA
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    The best gun related Christmas present I have recieved to date.

    I unwrapped a Maryland Gun Works Sight Pro. Today... If you aren't familiar here is a brief demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqFn8KXuNJ0 After years of putting them in out with a hammer and punch, I have finally entered the civilized world. when sights are positioned on the slide...
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    Concealed carry, concealing a problem.

    Before the m&p shield, and the XDs. for conceal carry especially in the summer, we basically had .380's. While they are better than nothing, we know that the trade off between ballistics and portability is bad enough, however the trade off between ballistics and concealability, (new word) is...
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    I went to pick up my online purchased firearms today.

    I chose new frontier armory as i have never been "little missy'ed" by a counter guy in that store. Everything was smooth, He filled out the registration forms, and asked me to sign. I said I would be happy to, however I am requesting a copy of the form I am signing... He hesitated, and politely...
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    Anyone have a glock I can borrow?

    I am taking armorers classes again this year. I have taken the AR 15- 191,1 and Springfield XD I will be refreshing on these classes again. I have not taken the Glock class because I do not own one. I do however want to learn how they tick, and be able to hot rod them. I thought it possible that...
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    Nevada, A "May Issue State?"

    I came across this NRS, and thought about Steve Larson's issue, Nevada Legislature can proclaim Nevada a Shall issue State all they want, However if the Sheriff's cannot be held accountable for denying permits.... It is the exact same thing as a "may issue State." In Steve's case, Nevada is a...
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    Appleseed April 19

    There is a Appleseed coming to Clark County Shooting Complex. I know some are still in boycott mode, but I feel it is necessary to hone my rifleman skills. This training is top notch and fun. link: http://appleseedinfo.org/index.html
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    Anyone in Clark County Attempt to Register Home Built Pistol?

    With the array of 80% receivers out there, I am intrigued to wonder what any particular substation would do if I built a 1911 at home, and took it down to be registered. I am quite certain the usual "urination match" would ensue directly, with a refusal to register. That would be fine with me...
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    CTD Decides to publish an article on open carry

    Should We be Confronting Law Enforcement Over Open Carry? "Recently it seems the floodgates have opened. A new day means a new video where civilians and law enforcement are clashing over open carry. I have mixed feelings over these encounters. I am completely in the corner of citizens exercising...
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    My CCW is up for Renewal

    So my first choice obviously is Mac 702.... But sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise. I went to the SB 221 hearing and received a free CCW class, from Guns and Ammo Garage, I had a couple of friends who wanted to take the class as well. I must say up front that my free class was not free...
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    Book Signing at "The Gun Store"

    I thought it odd, But here it is: Just got off the phone with Bill Scott, Eric Scott's Father. He finished his book called "The Permit" Bill will be signing books at The Gun Store tomorrow 7-13 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Tiger Lily put a call in to Bob Irwin, he said open carry is fine!
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    The reason Nevada does not recognise the Arizona CCW permit!

    In the response to my latest NORA request to DPS regarding the deletion of Arizona from the list of States CCW's recognized by Nevada, This Letter came to my attention. I contacted the Clark County shooting park, as Home and Land Now calls the Shooting park "HOME"...
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    Picnic in the park!

    I say we have a picnic, It would be fun to celebrate at a City park, and promote it to the CCW folks on other threads. Due to the recent change in the City code, CCW permitted folks are now legit in City parks. Some could Carry permitted and concealed. Some could carry permitted and open...
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    Open Carry in the news twice in a week in Las Vegas!

    http://www.8newsnow.com/story/21085952/i-team http://www.8newsnow.com/category/28259/8-news-now-video?clipId=8352278&autostart=true
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    Anyone wanna go OC in Front of Joe Heck's Office On your lunch Hour?

    I received this request from a "friend" of the Brady campaign" : Would it not be fun to show up OC? We would be XXXXXXXTRA polite! Bite our tongues for an hour, offer to pick up their trash they always leave behind... in other words "outclass them" We could call the contact and let them know...
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    The I team from Channel 8 would like to do a news piece on Open Carry!

    I just left from a meeting with Coleen McCarty and crew from channel 8 in Vegas. I have worked with them before, and have had good results. They wanted to attend a "get together" with their cameras. Last time it was channel 3 and we walked on the strip, this time I say we go to Fremont Street...
  19. D


    It appears as if John Hambrick will be bringing up a Pre-emption bill this session, does anyone know anything about it? It is # 643 near the bottom of the list: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/77th2013/BDRList/page.cfm?showAll=1
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    Cc encounter makes case for oc

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFUVuKRvJAs MY firearm was taken, then I was patted down and cuffed, all for "going by the rules"