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  1. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Apparently it really IS the gun's fault...

    Hi, my name is pikespeakmtnman and I'm a gun owner... http://www.koaa.com/news/doctors-target-gun-violence-as-a-social-disease/ Give me a freaking break :banghead:
  2. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Open Carrying Store Employees Repel Robbery

    [url]http://www.gazette.com/articles/shot-142928-robbers-one.html[\url] From the many comments posted on the Facebook pages of the various news agencies reporting this event, the owners/employees regularly OC while tending to their business. These two robbers picked the wrong store to rob...
  3. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Forum not displaying properly w/Firefox

    OCDO isn't displaying right for me with my work's Firefox browswer. It's like all the formatting is stripped out, and looks "cellphone-like." Works fine on the same machine with IE and also works fine on my home FF browser. All other vBulletin forums have no issues at all. Everything HAD...
  4. PikesPeakMtnMan

    General Aviation and Guns?

    My Christmas gift from my girlfriend was a 90-minute flying lesson that I'll be taking this Saturday in Colorado Springs. I used to work at a company which backed up to the airport's boundaries so I know how far from the passenger terminal the GA section is. Supposedly, it is also illegal(?)...
  5. PikesPeakMtnMan

    OCer spotted in Canon City

    Yesterday I had to take the LONG way to Woodland Park in order to gather my parents important belongings since they are still on vacation and large portions of WP went on evacuation notice from the Waldo Canyon Fire. While I was getting gas in Canon City I noticed a gentlemen OCing a pistol...
  6. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Open Carry on a motorcycle.

    That's definitely cool...but I think it's for show. This one, however....
  7. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Whats your OC set up?

    Simple and to the point.
  8. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Homeowner holds thief at gunpoint

    KRDO reported the story. http://www.krdo.com/news/29988907/detail.html From the story...."A Pueblo County Sheriff says Pino is lucky that the homeowner showed restraint and deputies were able to get to the scene quickly."
  9. PikesPeakMtnMan

    OCer spotted in Woodland Park 9-10-11

    I saw a gentleman openly carrying a nice 1911 today at the car show in Woodland Park. I did not have the chance to talk with him, and I was not OCing myself....but if anyone else in the large crowd even noticed his gun, they CLEARLY didn't care....of course it was in Teller County.
  10. PikesPeakMtnMan

    One Teller County Resident finally sees the light...

    I was checking out the online version of my hometown newspaper and the headline "Conceal Carry -- stepping up to duty" sure caught my eye. The article is an opinion piece about what sounds like someone who finally realized that the only person responsible for his safety is himself. It doesn't...
  11. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Score one for the Good Guys

    Taken directly from tonight's police blotter (http://www.springsgov.com/units/police/policeblotter.asp) ...red type is mine for emphasis
  12. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Voice Recorders Really Necessary in Colorado Springs?

    Just as the title says....are voice recorders really a necessity in COS? I did used to have one, which wasn't a very good one. And I still have my phone's recording capabilities and I could use my Sansa MP3 player's recorder...but both are only "barely acceptable" at best. Being that our area...
  13. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Best small gun for large hands?

    I'm in need of a new BUG (actually, just a BUG, period). I have large hands and long fingers but I'm looking for a small(ish) gun. I'm just looking for ideas on which guns to check out, not necessarily in-depth reviews. I know all about caliber vs capacity, try before you buy, etc etc etc...
  14. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Vehicle carry on school grounds

    imported post So CO law says we can have our firearms in our vehicles on school grounds but it must be in a compartment and the vehicle must be locked if we are not in the vehicle. The same CO laws classify a motorcycle as a vehicle. There will be a situation coming up in August where I may...
  15. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Will be stopping in Cheyenne in a couple weeks

    imported post My g/f and I will be stopping in Cheyenne with the motorcycle for a little bit in a few weeks. We won't likely be there for more than a few hours so we're unlikely to go anywhere but maybe restaurants or gas stations. As I understand it (from handgunlaw.us), we're okay as long...
  16. PikesPeakMtnMan

    CO OC page on Myspace

    imported post I've created a Myspace page for us OCers in CO. It's brand new and will likely be a constant work in progress so please let know what's good and bad and so forth. Check it out http://www.myspace.com/481588683 I did post about this in another thread but decided that it probably...
  17. PikesPeakMtnMan

    OC Tri-Fold Pamphlet

    imported post Okay, since I'm currently unemployed and with little else to do during the day I decided to see what kind of OC tri-fold pamphlet I could create. I took my inspiration from similar ones that other states have, namely VA and ID. I could use everyone's input, advice, criticism...
  18. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Police Scanner Website

    imported post I thought I would make everyone aware of this website scanamerica.us, they have live police scanners online for a lot of the cities of most of the states (and also fire/ems). It's obviously fun to listen to the radio calls but a lot of the audio is also archived so perhaps in...
  19. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Police Scanner Website

    imported post I thought I would make everyone aware of this website scanamerica.us, they have live police scanners online for a lot of the cities of most of the states (and also fire/ems). It's obviously fun to listen to the radio calls but a lot of the audio is also archived so perhaps in...
  20. PikesPeakMtnMan

    Ski Train

    imported post My g/f and I are taking the Ski Train to Winter Park this Saturday, the 10th. I've researched as much as I can and I'm pretty sure that I should be okay to CC (I know that OC is out). Does anyone know if Union Station in Denver has metal detectors? I don't think they do but I...