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  1. McNutty

    US house passes conceal carry bill for inter state travel

    Tell me it wasn't this woman:
  2. McNutty

    My UTAH permit came today!

    Congratulations.... I mailed mine in on Sept 2nd and still I wait.... I've had visions of going to the mailbox and finding mail from both Utah and WI but have only been disappointed thus far.
  3. McNutty

    Wisconsin stores that infringe upon our rights

    Chase Tower in Downtown Milwaukee is posted. I'll point out that the building isn't actually owned by Chase - I believe the bank sold it a number of years ago to a Canadian real estate firm Brookfield Asset Management. They've apparently elected to prevent visitors and tenants from carrying in...
  4. McNutty

    The Rag Shepherd Express article on new concealed carry law

    I realize that the Shepherd Express is a total rag but as I was out in downtown Milwaukee during lunch this week, I’ve noticed the Express cover addressing concealed carry and “Are You Ready?” (my preferred reading over lunch might be The Onion – it’s more factual). I couldn’t resist but I...
  5. McNutty

    DOJ Concealed Carry rules out

    Sorry but no. Not that I don't like "cat clans".