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    Constitutional amendment without congressional ratification?

    So why is it OK for the President to have term limits but not the House or Senate? Once a POTUS is in their second term, as you put it, they have nothing to lose. You're not wrong in that not having a term limit makes them have something to lose, IE, being voted out, and in NORMAL America, that...
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    Constitutional amendment without congressional ratification?

    Something that I think we've all been saying for a long time is that we NEED term limits for the House and Senate. There are just too many 'conditioned monkeys' that just need to go in a bad way. It should have been part of the 22nd amendment, but there's no way that would have passed, which...
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    Any interest in an open carry event in St. Louis?

    I'm so sick of seeing 'Gun Violence'. There's no such thing. There's only violence. The tool used is irrelevant. If you were to manage to remove one tool, another would take its place and the violence would continue. What would they do if nutcases start using ANFO in vans instead of guns to...
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    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    The P365 is quite nice, but if the M&P Shield is a bit small for him, odds are the P365 would be as well.
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson has the appropriate perspective...

    If it's not drenched in emotion, the sheep and useless idiots lose their heads. His statement is a simple, logical, true statement, without emotion injected into it. They can't process that kind of information.
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    even tho being a wanta-be geek...just discovered something in Win 10

    Windows 10 is a flaming pile of junk. Of all the machines I've deployed with it, the only ones that never develop issues of some sort eventually are the ones that have never gotten updates of any kind... I dealt with it on my main machine for a while until I got tired of its amnesia and its...
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    NRA called today: $10,000 FINE

    😂 :rolleyes: We all hate these scammer/spammers, but you have no clue what you're talking about. I've said my part, but there is just no getting through to you.
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    NRA called today: $10,000 FINE

    ABSOLUTELY 100% WRONG. A legitimate reason is the one I already outlined and you apparently didn't even read. Spoofing a number is spoofing a number, whether for legitimate reasons or illegitimate reasons. The function is IDENTICAL. To put it another way, IT'S DONE THE SAME WAY. I'll outline it...
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    NRA called today: $10,000 FINE

    Again, believe it or not, there ARE legitimate reasons for spoofing a number, so completely outlawing or preventing spoofing is NOT the answer. As for 'knowing what number it really came from', it's not quite that simple... Many times the CID information is transmitted by the source system, such...
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    NRA called today: $10,000 FINE

    Spoofing already IS illegal for the reasons the spammers are doing it. https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/spoofing-and-caller-id But to make it totally illegal isn't the answer because there ARE legitimate reasons to do it - for example, when a person calls an extension on my companies...
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    Scam Calls

    Spoofing the 'from' address on an e-mail is cake - you can make an e-mail 'come from' any address you want. Even better is these idiot scammers sending out the 'we hacked your account and turned your webcam on while you were on the dirty site wink wink' e-mails demanding random amounts of money...
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    SCOTUS’s New 2A Case, to address nullification of the Right to Arms. Dave Kopel at Volokh Conspiracy

    I've said it before... if every gun owner in the country (Let's assume your 58 million number, although I think estimates are more like 80 mil) gave $100 to hire the absolute best of the best lawyers in the country to bring an absolute, all-out full court press to the supreme court and fight...
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    Attendees unawares they were subjected to facial recognition tactics utilized at Swift’s Rose bowl

    Only 'gotcha' there being it WAS a public venue, and being a public venue, 'invasion of privacy' might be a hard sell.
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    THE LAST CHANCE To Get National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Passed.

    Slight tangent Right - The really immoral AND unjust part about marijuana being classified as a schedule 1 drug is that as a schedule 1, it's considered to have no legitimate medicinal value and/or be highly addictive - two things that marijuana is NOT. Real research hasn't been able to be done...
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    Gun Owners Shooting Themselves in the Foot

    'The Force of the trigger is so powerful that I can't even imagine facing a human with that machine' What a maroon :rolleyes:
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    THE LAST CHANCE To Get National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Passed.

    Yes - however, like their infringement on the 2nd amendment, that doesn't mean they have the legitimate authority to do so - they just decided to do so - just like with firearms laws. Just because there are federal laws saying you can't do this or that doesn't mean that those laws are truly LEGAL.
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    Equating rocks with rifles, Trump proposes radical new ROE

    There is a legal process for immigration into the United States. Immigrating legally is not invasion. Anyone who wants to move to this country and does so through the legal channels is welcome to do so. Crossing the border illegally is not immigration. It's invasion. If you try to come here...
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    THE LAST CHANCE To Get National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Passed.

    Dumb question..... If the court stated/ruled in Heller: Then why are all the void laws at the state and federal level even still here and being enforced? All laws, state and federal, that infringe upon the 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms' are in fact null and void, but there's no chance you'd...
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    Statewide Preemtion another way?

    I was thinking about the "battle" for statewide preemption for OC, and wondered, since every time the subject comes up and/or a bill is introduced to get it, it gets shot down, what about getting it anohter way? How about having the wording of the current law allowing municipalities to restrict...
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    OC on Private Property

    imported post I live in "Unincorporated" St Charles. I know St Charles City says no to OC. I'm assuming that becsaue I'm in an "Unincorporated" area, state law applies and OC is legal. If it's not leagal at home, what's the legality of OC on your own property, or other private property where...