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  1. david.ross

    Corvallis to continue pursuing “open carry” ordinance

    http://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/corvallis-to-continue-pursuing-open-carry-ordinance/article_60348740-070c-11e4-bfe0-001a4bcf887a.html The article mentions a Portland ordinance which was upheld by the Oregon Supreme Court, does anyone know which case they're referring to? Correct me if...
  2. david.ross

    OC in Pittsburgh

    Unfortunately an isolated incident affects us all due to the governor's decision. Then America is suffering from a big case of "gay agenda" much as France right now, except we don't have riots in the US. Companies were pulling all funding and landlords not renewing contracts for Boy scouts...
  3. david.ross

    OC in Pittsburgh

    Ah okay. Here's a screenshot what it looks like on most up to date browsers. I did notice the PDFs won't open on Chrome. Here's the actual proclamation from the site
  4. david.ross

    Creation, true, false, or unsure?

    Your ignorance of evolution is painful to read.
  5. david.ross

    NRA Fights Legislation That Would Ban Gun Sales To Those Currently On Killing Sprees

    Firearms right is such an important issue, I'll just leave this here http://www.theonion.com/video/nra-fights-legislation-that-would-ban-gun-sales-to,30927/ (note: It's from The Onion)
  6. david.ross

    "God Given"

    "happy to live life with blinders" - Which is why the portion of religious people who are against gays put fingers in their ears and go "lalalalala" "intolerant to any beliefs other than their own" - Which is why religious bigots try legislating the productive rights of women away, am I right...
  7. david.ross

    Secession madness! Now 40 states join petition fray

    > implying I'm a Nazi If I'm a Nazi, then everyone who wants to secede is an ex-confederate KKK member and racist. KKK was born from the confederate army after they lost the war. > implying there's an afterlife
  8. david.ross

    SECURITY AND SAFETY ALERT: Gun safes easily opened by three year old

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/marcwebertobias/2012/07/27/unsafe-gun-safes-can-be-opened-by-a-three-year-old/ A list of common gun safes are extremely unsafe to use in the home, especially if you have children. From the article: "Both small and large gun safes are sold at all major sporting goods...
  9. david.ross

    Be nice to officers during encounters, they go through quite a bit. [Poplawski trial]

    Some of you may be aware Pittsburgh had 3 officers killed in April of 2009. The harsh reality is there are thugs and crazy individuals out there who wish to do harm. Story: Injured Officer Eric Kelly: 'Tell My Wife, Kids I Love Them' http://www.wpxi.com/news/28292424/detail.html Richard...
  10. david.ross

    [ONN] Supreme Court decision to uphold a citizen's right to carry a gun at head level

    I was watching The Onion News Network, season 1 episode 9. The title of the episode titled "Real America." They have a clip in the video regarding the right to carry a firearm. Understanding who they're making fun of is obvious. EDIT: I'm laughing at the mockery of open carry. It's the Onion...
  11. david.ross

    Motion for Return of Property - DENIED! Appeal Filed.

    The motion was filed following the incident where I was arrested for lawfully carrying in the non-sterile area of the airport. Thread announcing the county police will no longer enforce the unlawful ordinance Court transcript from my hearing: Motion for Return of Property There is an appeal...
  12. david.ross

    Chicago hired 139 ex-cons, no wonder they are afraid of firearms!

    http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/4142556-452/the-watchdogs-city-hall-hired-139-ex-cons-in-two-years.html An interesting read, apparently they don't ask applicants if they're a felon. Instead they perform background checks and have employees submit fingerprints after they've been offered the...
  13. david.ross

    Philadelphia passed bill against state preemption: No carry for out of state licenses

    http://legislation.phila.gov/attachments/10674.pdf This bill passed Philadelphia's city council 17-0 yesterday. What does it do? If you're not licensed by the state, then it's not lawful to carry. What about state preemption? What about it? Philadelphia appears to want another court case...
  14. david.ross

    Research: Firearms confiscation over assault charges?

    A friend has conversed to me a situation in which his close friend had a very obsessed(as in love over heals) guy file a police report. While I don't know the facts since I was not there, I still felt like I'd ask this question. Do assault charges in PA mean the police may confiscate every...
  15. david.ross

    I recommend a movement to strip the First Class permit exemption from the UFA

    Clearly Philadelphia doesn't deserve the exemption for permits since they're constantly attempting to abort our state rights. Those rights also cover the legislation which our legislators put in to place decades ago in regards to complete state preemption of firearms. I recommend a movement be...
  16. david.ross

    Firearms practice, where can I go to practice my tactical training?

    First off, I'm talking about proper self defense/tactical training, not target shooting. Requirements for training area: 1) Must be able to move while shooting 2) Must be able to fire at a high rate - shotgun and pistol 3) Must be able to shoot from the ground (laying or at a stance) 4) Must be...
  17. david.ross

    Conversation with Deputy Chief Brian Allan of Sparks PD, information on DUI thread

    I spoke with Deputy Chief Brian Allan shortly ago regarding the incident which occurred at the DUI checkpoint along with Open Carry in Sparks, NV. Conversation was about the following thread: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?84823-one-of-us-open-carry-at-dui-checkpoint Open...