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    Back Online Again!!!

    imported post Glad to be back here again, I was diagnosed with neck cancer back in may 08. It is now gone and my surg, all over!!!! Starting to carry again when I get out and about, missed it very much. Glad you all are doing good and keeping up the fight..
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    Disorderly Conduct

    imported post Is there any statute in KY. that says you can not be charged with D.C just for O.C. Any help would be nice going to start thigh rig carry all the time. Have been O.C. for about a year every day, thought I would mix it up a bit!! Wish me luck!!!
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    O.C. BBQ on the river Paducah KY

    imported post I had an uneventfull afternoon o.c. all over BBQ, just not in beer garden,had a few odd looks from the local sheeple. was wearing brown shorts and a blue polo shirt, with blackhawk o.c. paddle XD-9. i saw an LEO looking straight at me talking on his radio walking my direction...
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    moved to KY

    imported post I have a LTC from IN. now that i live in ky with KY D.L. am I allowed to still conceal or am i shafted and have to wait 6 mos. to get my ccdw and open carry any help?? I posted this in a different forum also, sorry about that it was an after thought that it would prob. get better...
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    Just moved to kentucky

    imported post i just moved from Indiana,I have my LTC from IN, since I got my D.L. in Kentucky now does my LTC also work in KY. Or do i have to wait 6 mos. to get my ccdw here and is my LTC from IN any good anymore????? I can't get a straight anwser from local LEO's about this. heeelllppp any...
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    O.C. Ryans Paducah Ky

    imported post It was a good day ,my wife and kids were just sitting down at our table when i herd very loudly OOhHHHHH! I just saw your gun.XD-9 Blackhawk open carry rig.Next question -- Are you a policeman? My comment was no mam just a law abiding citizen of KY. Next question how can you...