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  1. Prophet

    One month to go before the elections

    I wrote up a blog post about this upcoming elections. I think it's pretty important...a once in a lifetime, scratch the 2nd amendment out of the constitution type stakes. http://gunowners.wordpress.com/2012/...w-is-the-time/ I know I don't post much anymore, and that is a good thing. It means...
  2. Prophet

    New Pro Gun Blog

    There's a new pro gun blog on the street and I was wondering what you guys thought about it http://gunowners.wordpress.com/ I think it represents the 2nd Amendment well, has some funny points, its well written, witty, sticks it to the gun grabbing zealots, stands up for the little guy and for...
  3. Prophet

    Lost a dream job on principle

    So, the short condensed version of the story is as follows. For the past 3 months or so I have been working as a personal trainer and business manager for an exclusive fitness center in Pittsburgh. Not exclusive snooty but exclusive pricey - $100 a week exclusive. Anyways, we were doing some...
  4. Prophet

    Road Rager tries to run me off the road

    The following incident happened to me about 3 hours ago. Im heading to pick up some groceries at the Waterfront in Homestead and im taking I-376 to the exit to get there. This dark SUV is veering a little in the passing lane and im on the exit lane with the middle lane open. As our vehicles...
  5. Prophet

    Hit this poll before Dec. 16th

    So i know that most times we put polls in here in order to hit up gun polls but my brother who recently got married is in a online poll for best Engagement photo session. I would appreciate anyone who would like to support a proud 2A loving, hunting and pistol packing NRA member and his...
  6. Prophet

    Interesting day of OC on the South Side of Pittsburgh

    imported post So, I had just finished up a short consulting job of a few weeks and today was my first true weekday off in since I started and the first nice one since last year. I had just noticed that I failed to hand in a paper containing some information that would be useful to my former...
  7. Prophet

    Marvel Comics

    imported post So I was taking a walk around Sears today and on their bevy of flat screen tv's I see the trailer for a Marvel Video game that basically shows super heroes fighting each other because of a government enforcement of a Super Hero registration act. This is the video game spin off of...
  8. Prophet

    Open Carry Dinner in the park

    imported post The owners of DeVivo's are not only a former marine and former soldier but also two avid gun owners who believe in the peoples right to bear arms. Their website is www.Devivos.com They have a italian eatery setup in Bryce Trent Park on wednesdays from 2-6pm. The foods pretty...
  9. Prophet

    Need a lawyer near Harrisburgh

    imported post So I find myself in Harrisburg, on foot making my way to a midas store to pick up my car that was fixed. Its about 6:10am on Friday 2nd and im heading to a Dunkin Donuts to pick up some breakfast and coffee since its early. Guns drawn, cuffed, forced to my knees, vebally...
  10. Prophet

    Nevada...gold star state my ass

    imported post Long story short: I'm taking a walk down Silverado with my shirt off catching some rays. My 1911 on my hip. About an hour into my walk a LEO pulls up and asks if he can talk to me for a minute. Im like sure, nice day, im in no rush. He was like, got some calls, do you have a...
  11. Prophet

    Stopped from entering a PAT bus in Pittsburgh

    imported post Im in the southside of Pittsburgh on carson street after visiting the farmers market and I decide to hop on a bus heading downtown. Im in a pair of khaki shorts, a short sleeved shirt and my 1911 on my hip. The bus pulls up, opens the door, i take one step inside and the driver...
  12. Prophet

    Stopped from entering Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Main)

    imported post As I was entering the library a guy in a tie and a name tag said: "Excuse me sir, are you in law enforcement?" I told him I wasn't and he responded that Library policy only allows LEO's onto the premises with weapons. Considering that I have come to the library often I was a bit...
  13. Prophet

    Gay Marriage + Loaded Open Carry = Compromise

    imported post All right...so after Obamas shalacking of John McCain in California one would think that the state is leaning so hard left its about to fall in the Pacific. BUT...the good people of California approved a measure on Gay marriage by 5%. A relative landslide to an outside observor...
  14. Prophet

    Walking through the park...

    imported post It was a beautiful crisp autumn day yesterday, Oct. 31st, here in Pittsburgh and I had finished work early for the day so I decided to take a little walk. I put on a comfortable pair of shoes, lit up a fine cigar andI was off,open carrying as I went. There's a nice little walk I...
  15. Prophet

    Pittsburgh OC get together

    imported post Buffered by my recent court victory and the positive press that OC'ing has been recieving recently I'm thinking that we should have ourselves a little OC Lunch in Pittsburgh before it gets too cold. Im thinking grabbing a bite to eat in Downtown Pittsburgh in Market Square...
  16. Prophet

    Had my LTCF seized at a Giant Eagle

    imported post To cut to the chase I went to a Giant Eagle today on Centre Ave. (for those of you who know where that is) and as I am walking in the store with my cart a Pittsburgh LEO calls me over and tells me to cover up my firearm. In order to get my shopping going along I acquiesced and...
  17. Prophet

    I was illegally detained and falsely charged

    imported post Earlier this morning, around 3am I was a bit hungry so I went to my local McDonalds to get a quick burger. I was open carrying as normal. This is what ensued: (edited due to pending lawsuit) I was hassled by police.
  18. Prophet

    Guns in Banks

    imported post So i was in my bank today making a withdrawal...new month means new bills to pay and I am OC'ing like i've done the other 50 some odd times i've been there. Well...today while i am making my withdrawal a gentleman comes up to me and says: "excuse me sir, you are not allowed to...
  19. Prophet

    My tales of Open Carry in Pittsburgh

    imported post edit
  20. Prophet

    Traveling to San Francisco

    imported post Thought I would get a quick rundown of OC'ing during my trip.I am flying into Oakland on the red eye and going to San Francisco/Palo Alto area for the weekend, eventually making it to Yosemite during the week for a few days. While I am aware of the state of carrying in a National...