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    Fireams in county/city parks.

    I know that most cities and counties prohibit firearms in their parks. I'm just wondering if it's legal to leave one locked up in your vehicle while you are at the park. I looked up the laws and here's what I found. If I understand the bolded part correctly, it's legal to leave a firearm...
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    Broke that law and didn't even know it.

    As I've said before, I rarely OC because I don't care to deal with people. I CC almost all the time. Well, I went to a restaurant and I didn't think that they served alcohol. I sat down and looked at the menu and what do I see, several types of beers are listed. I had to go back outside and lock...
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    Cabarrus County CCW problems

    imported post Cabarrus County doesn't look so good for getting a CCW permt. I called down to ask when I could apply for a permit. The Sergeant over CCW permits started asking me for my name, address, phone numbers, SS#, DL#. I didn't want to give out my SS#, but she said it was necessary to...
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    Guns & Ammo acknowledges OC

    imported post It's an old issue, but I was reading it at work last night and I noticed a somewhat positive OC reference. About 3/4 the way down on page 19, in the article about the FNP-45, Patrick Sweeney says, "As an open-carry, law enforcement, of military sidearm, it has all the right...
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    No carry at Dick's Sporting Goods at University

    imported post I was carrying at Dick's Sporting Goods at University tonight. I was in "The Lodge" and there was an employee behind the gun counter. While I was looking around, another employee, who I think was a manager, came back and asked if there was someone with a firearm. I affirmed that I...
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    First OC Experience

    imported post I went and picked up my first pistol today. After leaving the gun store, I stopped by and showed my dad(he works at a gun friendly place). I left there and stopped by the local What-A-Burger and got me some lunch. Nobody said anything about my gun. After that, I went on home. My...