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    New Sign at Louisville Zoo

    Hey guys, its been a while since i posted here, but wanted to bring up the new sign posted at the Louisville Zoo. The old sign simply said no firearms based on a local ordinance... We even discussed it here, but I am pretty sure they got some nasty contacts about it and took it down. It has...
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    Open Carry in Boat

    On a fishing forum that I frequent someone brought up a question. Is teh glove box on a boat considered a factory installed glove box? Does it fulfill teh requirements of the law that states that a firearm in a glove box is not considered concealed?
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    Michael Bane Defends Open Carry

    imported post Here is a link to Michael Banes radio blog on DownrangeTV.com's website. http://www.downrange.tv/radio/123.htm Start at about half way through and listen to his history lesson about Concealed Carry in FL back in teh day and how it compares to people downing open carry today.
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    Our city is at it again

    imported post A Louisville student is charged with bogus charges as he was a licensed CCDW holder. Criminal tresspass is all that will hold up in court here... http://www.wlky.com/news/20492278/detail.html
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    Carrying where the sell alcohol

    imported post We all dont agree on the interpretation of carrying a firearm in a bar or the bar portion of a restaraunt. But, my question has a twist to it and I thought I would get your opinion. IN Bullitt Co, they cannot serve alcohol on Sunday. So today we go to El Nopal and the seat us in...
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    Gun Show this weekend

    imported post Anyone going to the Louisville gunshow this weekend???
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    Gun Show

    imported post So next weekend is a gunshow at the fairgrounds in Louisville. Can you carry concealed or open at said gunshow while it is in the Fairgrounds?
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    Firearms in Car at work

    imported post According to KRS 237.110(17) no employer can tell me that I cannot have a firearm in my car while at work. However, I work for a company based in another state and the employee handbook says i cannot have a firearm in my car on company property. Funny thing is they dont own any...
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    Louisville Zoo

    imported post I noticed today as i took my child to the zoo for teh first time that there is a sign on their entrance banning concealed carry in accordance with Louisville Metro Ordinance 129,2004. What is this? I thought KY was a preemptive law state...
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    Thunder over Louisville

    imported post I have noticed that the "rules" for thunder over louisville states that firearms are prohibited. How can this be if the state has pre-emptive laws that prevent them from making rules that undermine teh states laws, and in addition, how would they enforce this?? ask you to leave or...
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    S&W 457 Grip help

    imported post Anyone here have experience withe the "compact" Smiths like the shorty .45 or 457? Looking for how to remove the grips to put on a set of Hogues...
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    imported post Anyone carrying the M-Tac? I am lookin this way for my M&P when i get it and want to know how comfy, and how many inches it adds to your waist size....
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    Caliber Question

    imported post It is decided that my new carry weapon will be a S&W M&P compact. The problem I am having is deciding on a caliber. I am a hardcore .40 smith guy and would love to get it in that caliber but m afraid teh recoil may be a bit much for a sub compact size gun. So, I query those of...