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    Handgun sale question

    Hello all, I checked the "Law Library" section and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I thought I'd ask here in hopes that one (or more) of the lawyers that frequent this site will give me some guidance. I know a man who is in the military and is stationed in Virginia and he wants...
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    Permit to Purchase

    Hello all, I currently live in Virginia but it looks like we may be moving to North Carolina. I have been reading (online) the gun laws of NC and saw the requirement to get a permit to purchase a pistol. However, I haven't been able to find anything about the pistols that I already own. Would...
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    VCDL picnic

    Everybody please check the Virginia Events section for information about the VCDL picnic in Newport News. Thanks roN
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    VCDL Picnic, Newport News

    Hello all, The VCDL will be hosting a picnic in the Newport News park on September 07, from 11AM until 2PM. The park is at 13560 Jefferson Avenue. This is where Jefferson Avenue and Ft. Eustis Blvd intersect. The picnic is in shelter #20. If anyone is coming to the picnic via I-64, use exit...
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    VCDL Meeting in Newport News

    Hello all, With the kind help of Doug Peterson I have made arrangements for the VCDL to have a membership meeting at the Lafayette Gun Club on May 13th at 1830 hrs. The gun club's address is 331 Dare Road, Grafton VA 23692. My thanks in advance to the kind members at the Lafayette Gun Club...
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    Legal Residency??

    A friend of mine has a house in Virginia and works in Virginia. He gets VA Power bills, water bills, utility bills, etc. in Virginia but he also has a house in North Carolina. He has a North Carolina driver's license but no "official" VA identification. So..... is it legal for him to buy a...
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    Baretta Model 96

    Anyone else carry a Beretta model 96? I have one and most of the holsters that I try for it have the retention snap right over top of the safety. When I push the snap closed it flicks the safety lever to the fire position!! Not good. Anyone have a recommendation for a good holster for the...
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    I've been searching for statutes

    I've been trying to find laws dealing with temporarily lending someone a firearm. Of course, I am talking about someone who can legally possess a firearm. I know that I've read posts that dealt with that in some form or other, but I searched on this forum until my head was spinning and never...
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    Williamsburg update

    has a proposal by the city's attorney to repeal in its entirety their law forbidding the firing of BB guns in the city. The city attorney's memo cited the fact that the General Assembly had passed a law that forbids them from maintaining such a law. Oh boo hoo. Too bad they are not free to...
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    VCDL Picnic in Newport News - Sept 10th, 2011

    Hello all, I finally was able to reserve a shelter for the VCDL picnic in Newport News. The date is September 10th and the address of the picnic shelter is: 100 City Farm Road Newport News, Virginia 23602 (757) 886-7912 nnparks.com‎ I guess about 1100 hours would be a good time to start...
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    Lewisburg area

    last weekend (04/30/11) my wife and I rented a place on the Greenbrier River for a family get together. As a result, I ended up open carrying all over Lewisburg and Fairlee. I was in a few different stores and restaurants. No issues. roN
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    Hi-Def and gunz too

    hello all. I came across this article on the net and thought you all would get a smile out of it. Actually, its a good idea and other retailers should follow suit. http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/article_36f17ff2-56f0-11e0-a60c-001cc4c002e0.html?oCampaign=hottopics...
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    Greenbrier County

    the wife and I was back in WV visiting some family in Rupert, then Renick. I open carried in the Walmart in Lewisburg, and the Ruby Tuesday. I don't know for sure about the legality of open carry in a restaurant (that serves alcohol) in WV so I hope I wasn't breaking the law on that one...
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    Lost a friend/co-worker yesterday

    a man with whom I work was murdered yesterday. He works here in the shipyard in the department I'm in. He and I had on a number of occasions discussed guns and which we liked the most and so on. Although he was not what most would call an activists, he was "pro-gun". We had good times...
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    VCDL Picnic 7/17/2010 1100-1400

    imported post The VCDL will be hosting a pot luck, family picnic at the Riverview Park in Newport News on the 17th of July. The picnic will last from 1100 hours until 1400 hours. The address of the park is 105 City Farm Road, Newport News, VA Everybody come out and bring your families and...
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    Judge: Arm yourselves

    imported post I didn't know if I should put this in the New and Political stuff slot so I put it here. I haven't seen anyone else mention this so I hope its not a repost. Also hope the link works. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=133951&catid=3
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    Military Brass being scrapped AGAIN

    imported post Outdoors.net had an article on their page reporting this. I am at work and haven't had time to check into this from other sources. Anybody have any more info on this or has anyone heard about this newscrap the brass plan?? I hope this link works. Looks sorta long to me but here...
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    VCDL Table at the Republican Advance on Friday and Saturday

    imported post hello all, for anyone interested, I will be operating a VCDL table at the Republican Advance on Friday and Saturday. If any VCDL members would like to help me man the table that would be appreciated. The schedule is wide open (ie: empty) so any time slot is available. I am...
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    Bretta M96 holster

    imported post I have a Beretta M96 that my wife got me for Christmas. She got two very nice holsters with it. One a paddle holster and the other a belt holster. Both are very well constructed of thick leather and have a great finish. BUT, both of them are made so that the snap for the strap is...
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    Hotel or Motel Stays

    imported post My wife and I rented a cabin in the mountains for a weekend get away. There was a list of "rules" on the Frigidaire and one of the rules was that NO weapons or firearms was allowed. Of course you all know that I meekly complied with that ;) So I've been trying to find out if...