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  1. TyGuy

    Newark Armslist Scam

    I ran into a scammer on Armslit, so I thought I'd share some of the details here, so that no one else deals with them. It was for a Walther P22 5" Barrel. They live in Newark OH I sent payment, but never received the item. I only risk Armslist transactions for items that aren't too expensive...
  2. TyGuy

    Legislative Help

    I heard that you might be facing some bad firearms bills out there in Colorado. If that is true and you want some help, from your Illinois brethern, just pm me and we can chat. All the best!
  3. TyGuy

    FIB relocating

    Well, originially we were looking at TN or KY, but it's just too far of a drive from family, so now we are thinking central WI. Are there any public lands or public ranges to shoot on in WI? Where could I find such information? What about sportsmans clubs? Where could I find such...
  4. TyGuy

    Websites blocked

    I decided to run up to Beloit for a little OC dinner before the USPSA practice in Rockford tonight. I'm sitting here and they have several "weapons" related sites blocked through their ISP. This is weird because Culvers has always been OC friendly in the past. At least OC.org isn't blocked!
  5. TyGuy

    NFA items

    This isn't an OC issue, but it's WI related. Is it legal to own NFA items (suppressors, SBRs, full-auto, etc...) in Wisconsin?
  6. TyGuy

    Pima county sheriff demands ID

    I just came across this on youtube. I don't know the whole story as it just happened yesterday, but I thought I would share it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWwSlcDH9cU
  7. TyGuy

    Walmart Firearms

    I can't seem to find on Walmart's website which of their stores carry firearms. If your Walmart carries firearms would you be so kind as to at least give the city that it is located in? Thanks.
  8. TyGuy

    Toys for tots

    Lst year i participated in an OC toy drive for toys for tots. Perhaps WI carry would like to host an OC/CC toy drive this year? It's a good way to educate the public while helping a good cause. I heard anews report last night saying that the economy has resulted in a larger need for toy...
  9. TyGuy

    Visiting MO

    Good afternoon, I will be visiting MO for a job interview in a few weeks. I do see that MO will honor my non-resident Utah permit, but I wanted to know the overview of concealed carry laws in MO. I know that this is OC.org, but I was hoping someone could help me with the CCW laws. Things I...
  10. TyGuy

    Winnebago County Couple Saves Neighbor From Break In

    Please forgive me if this was already posted: http://mystateline.com/fulltext-news/?nxd_id=275557&hpt=us_bn6
  11. TyGuy

    Recording devices

    Anyone use any covert recording devices (bluetooth camera, belt camera, watch camera, pen camera, etc.....) ? I would appreciate any thoughts on them.
  12. TyGuy

    National OC rally?

    Is there any talk of any sort of national OC rally? I could think of a few options: 1) Meet somewhere near Washington DC, where we could OC. 2) Have several locations throughout the US, but all meet up on the same day. Perhaps every state capitol at 11am CST on June 1st 2012. I think...
  13. TyGuy

    Friday June 3rd OC in Beloit

    Anyone interested in meeting up in Beloit for some OC this Friday evening? If you are already intersted in the Lizzy's dinner then please do that, but that's another hour from me, so I was thinking Beloit sounded good.
  14. TyGuy

    Off topic

    If a moderator wants to remove this then go ahead, but please let me know. This is not 2A related, but as a site that I frequent I was hoping to get some input from others in TN. My wife and I have decided that within 3 years we will be moving to TN from IL. I have a few questions about the...
  15. TyGuy

    Shotry's Shooting Sports

    Does anyone know when the gun store in West Allis, across from the elementary school, will be opening?
  16. TyGuy

    OC friendly malls/shopping centers

    Does anyone know of OC friendly malls/shopping centers in southern Wisconsin? I live in Northern Illinios, but I was hoping to do some OC Christmas shopping.
  17. TyGuy

    Aurora Sportsman Club

    After several events at ASC I have decided to recall my application for another sportsman club and to apply to become a member at ASC. I have heard that you can get a discount on the initiation dues if you are sponsored by a member. If this is true, we have any members here, and they would be...
  18. TyGuy

    WTB Walther P22

    My wife wants a Walther P22 with black frame and silver slide. If you have one for sale please let me know.
  19. TyGuy

    WTB Walther P22

    My wife wants a Walther P22 with black frame and silver slide. If you have one for sale please let me know.
  20. TyGuy

    Stop and Identify

    Does Wisconsin have a stop and identify law? i.e. If I am confronted while OCing in WI do I legally have to provide my name or any other information? I see section 968.24, but that is only supposed to apply when the officer reasonable suspetcs that such person is committing, is about to...