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Search results

  1. Onnie

    Dinner in Lexington KY

    Ok, Ill tell you what I did, you tell me what you would do! I had a hankering for BBQ so when I stopped into Lexington last week on my way back home from a 8 day Motorcycle trip, I put on my leather jacket and vest and 45 and headed over to the local bbq that has a 5 star rating. As I walked...
  2. Onnie

    Michigan Pistol

    got a call from a member who bought a Mossberg 500A JIC and he was forced to register it as a PISTOL I am not versed in this part of the pistol law of michigan, so some of you who are, will you let him know here if the laws of a "Michigan Pistol" are the same as for a regular Pistol thanks in...
  3. Onnie

    Sign at Mall Of Monroe

    Ok here is the sign at the mall of Monroe on the doors and inside the entrances
  4. Onnie

    A&E's Parking Wars

    The other day I seen the episode where a WSU Officer told a CPL holder he could not have is pistol visible with a CPL. While its 14 months late, i decided to write WSU Chief of police anyways, his response follows my letter. I have edited my and his responses for some obvious spelling and...
  5. Onnie

    Down River Starbucks 2-14-12

    anyone still going, who, where and what time?
  6. Onnie

    Is MGO offline?

    yesterday on the forum, i got a big one on my car!!! Waiting for my first encounter!!!!:banana:
  7. Onnie

    Is MGO offline?

    Must be!!!
  8. Onnie

    Open carry into Meijer, Walmart

    every time i see one of your posts i look over at your avartar and i start to sweat. Your pictire brings back not so fond memories of me when I was 4 and I stuck my grandfathers keys in the wall socket and electrocuted myself! As a reminder to me and the other grandkids, he never painted the...
  9. Onnie


    One for the side and one hidden in my back, Ive put about 500 done the 380 and dont recall ever having any issues
  10. Onnie

    OCDO - MI The Pit Shoot! Get The Day Off NOW!!!

    I can prove my arnt
  11. Onnie

    Who was that man on the Harley on M-5 in Commerence Township

    After a year, I have spotted my first "In the Wild" Oc'er On M-5 at about 13 mile road, northbound, in Commence Township stopped at the traffic light, I was behind them in my car and only caught a glimpse of them as they passed me
  12. Onnie

    Message about GPal from County of Sonoma DA

    Received this in the mail today
  13. Onnie

    Coming to Virgina

    My son lives in Arlington VA and while I have been there many times over the last 5 years, this will be the first time I will be bringing my handguns with me. Will be in VA April 8 to the about the 15th. I will be on my motorcycle OCing while I drive, as I do in Michigan and in Ohio, so I...
  14. Onnie

    Cpl and a vehicle search

    I believe I know the answer but I need a cite which I can't find. Situation: A person with a CPL is stopped for a traffic violation. During the stop, for no probable cause the officer demands to search your vehicle. I believe you do not loose your rights to a search of a search of a...
  15. Onnie


    http://www.hometownlife.com/article/20110126/NEWS13/110126017/DeRoche-case-tossed-out-of-court A charge of possessing a firearm while intoxicated against former state Speaker of the House Craig DeRoche was tossed out of court today, with 52-1 District Judge Brian MacKenzie stating that the...
  16. Onnie

    jogger in Florida won't be charged

    TAMPA, Fla. – A pistol-packing jogger in Florida won't be charged for shooting and killing a teenager who attacked him during a midnight run. Prosecutors said Tuesday they are convinced Thomas Baker acted in self defense when he fired eight shots at 18-year-old Carlos Mustelier near Tampa in...
  17. Onnie

    2010 Darwin Award winners

    Third Place After stepping around a marked police patrol car parked at the front door, a man walked into H&J Leather & Firearms intent on robbing the store. The shop was full of customers and a uniformed officer was standing at the counter. Upon seeing the officer, the would-be robber...
  18. Onnie

    When should young boy be allow to shoot a pistol!

    so that's my question. My question is about my grandson. Now I am sure all those who don't have kids will want to chime in and while i appreciate your enthusiasm I am really looking for input from fathers/mothers/grandparent who have wrestled with the same question with their own kids. I have...
  19. Onnie

    Westboro Baptist Church Counterprotest

    ok still trying to figure out how to put it on the page! lol
  20. Onnie

    Disorderly conduct response

    Last month I conversation with a CPL holder, we were in discussion about CC vs. OC. During our conversation he mentioned that the Monroe County prosecutor spoke at his handgun safety class in 2009. He stated the Prosecutor, William Paul Nichols made the statement that if a citizen who was...