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  1. Evil Creamsicle

    Slideshow from the meetup!

    The email for reference. By all means, it makes sense to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of MOC... it just doesn't make sense to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of an event that happened 11 years ago and whose participants have almost all been disassociated from MOC. Seems to kick several...
  2. Evil Creamsicle

    Slideshow from the meetup!

    Hi guys, Good seeing everyone. There were about half a dozen great folks that weren't able to make it who sent their best wishes as well. Fun times were had by all. Here's a short slideshow we put together. https://youtu.be/qgABlAZ7miY
  3. Evil Creamsicle

    Better Carry Bills Introduced to House

    Hi all, we were talking about this in the SB0442 thread, but it looks like these are MGO supported constitutional carry bills... Read them and let me know what you think but they look good to me so far. If this is what it looks like we need to be pushing these.
  4. Evil Creamsicle

    Senator Mike Green, and NRA backed MCRGO, propose partial OC Ban

    State Senator Mike Green, and NRA backed MCRGO are joining forces to try to partially ban open carry. It hasn’t been introduced to committee yet, but it is drafted and reported to be making it to committee imminently. http://mcrgo.org/doc/sb0442.pdf I know this is just another post on the...
  5. Evil Creamsicle

    Virginia OC Activists Killed En-Route to Michigan

    Hey guys... Just thought you'd like to know if you hadn't heard, four brothers from Right to Bear Arms Richmond Virginia were coming up last weekend to do some interstate activism with us, but unfortunately were killed in an accident with a semi in Ohio on the way here. We made a tribute video...
  6. Evil Creamsicle

    Geotagged map depicting where a firearm was used in self defense from August 1, 2011

    Geotagged map depicting where a firearm was used in self defense from August 1, 2011 to Present, according to stories from GunsSaveLives.net
  7. Evil Creamsicle

    OC Poll on 'The Blaze'...

    ...is largely not in our favor. You know what to do.
  8. Evil Creamsicle

    Know your rights infographic

    Came across this... its generic info but applies to OC stops. Some of the advice [such as 'be respectful'] may... well lets just say that some people on here with more experience may handle themselves differently but... still seemed like good information for a 'first time consumer'...
  9. Evil Creamsicle

    CPL holders 'live in a dream world' - aka, why training is important.

    This is mostly meant as anti-gun propaganda, but could be construed as 'why you should train'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QjZY3WiO9s ETA: Regardless of the video's original intent or media agenda, there is good information/examples about why training above and beyond your CPL course is a...
  10. Evil Creamsicle

    Guns for Concert Tickets?

    Seriously... I don't know how to feel about this other than ashamed of how ignorant our privileged people are.
  11. Evil Creamsicle

    March Against Oppression -- Sunday January 27th, Coolidge Road

    **event cancelled due to lack of support but other options are being discussed. Check the latest posts.**
  12. Evil Creamsicle

    'Good citizenship' award given for chiding MOC members at Grand Rapids City Comm Meet

    Read the rest of this disgusting garbage here! Phil, did you hear about this?
  13. Evil Creamsicle

    Slightly Off-Topic: School shooter didn't have an AR-15.

    Watch the video... looks like a shotgun, maybe a benelli or something. Rifle found in Lanza's trunk not a Bushmaster Surprise surprise, the newscast lies, How I despise what I surmise as desperate tries before our eyes to snatch a prize, our laws revise, our freedom dies, but truth belies; A...
  14. Evil Creamsicle

    Obama's 'Gun Violence Task Force': Enough bickering. Time to act.

    So, it appears we are about to have a nationwide problem. So instead of bickering about who is more right, or what kind of activists you are, or Stainless1911 bickering, why don't we use this thread to suggest some solid ideas on what we can do to garner some pro-gun attention. We need to send a...
  15. Evil Creamsicle

    40 Reasons For Gun Control

    Preaching to the choir, I know. Still, I feel you will be entertained. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/519561/posts
  16. Evil Creamsicle

    The long-awaited, never-requested 2012 Open Carry in Michigan Montage Video!

    We had fun doing this... It might not look like it but a lot of work went into this. Sorry we couldn't get everyone's pictures in, but due to several technical issues, this is what we could put together. There will be another I'm sure, so if you want some of your photos in the next one, hang...
  17. Evil Creamsicle

    Potential legalization of tasers in MI - Amendment of CPL law

    Just found these... a couple bills floating through state legislature that would legalize tasers for non-police use, for CPL holders only [for some odd reason] SB0029, amending MCL 750.224a which is the act regulating taser sale and possession, and SB0030, which would amend 1927 PA 372 (by...
  18. Evil Creamsicle

    Mr. Creamsicle goes to Waterford

    Thats right all, I'm moving on Oct. 1st. Anyone want to get together for lunch or something that week?
  19. Evil Creamsicle

    CPL reciprocation

    Hey all, I'm probably taking a trip next year down to TN, then on to TX for the F1 race. Anyone here knowledgeable about carry in either of those two states, or transportation thereto and therefrom, with a MI CPL? ETA: I have a whole year... so I'll eventually post this in TN and TX forum as...
  20. Evil Creamsicle

    Obama Announces Detaining Americans for Future Crimes that Have Not Been Committed