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  1. scm54449

    "Bullets exact terrible toll"...

    Since this news story serves to fuel anti-firearm hysteria in the eyes of the public I thought it might be appropriate to post here since that hysteria has a direct impact on those who are harangued and harassed for exercising their right to open carry. Mods - If it would be better-placed in a...
  2. scm54449

    Iraq War Veteran Kicked Out of Pick-N-Save For Open Carry

    The title pretty much says it all. The incident occurred in Weston. Here is the rest of the story: http://www.wausaudailyherald.com/article/20140208/WDH06/302080185/I-kicked-out-Pick-N-Save-legally-carrying-firearm-column If the first link gives you problems, try this one...
  3. scm54449

    Eric Holder In 1995 Speech: We Must 'Brainwash' People Against Guns

    Not a simple sound byte, but 3:29 of speaking of brainwashing the public to hate guns. I think his intentions are quite clear. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/03/18/Holder-Outlines-How-To-Change-Public-Opinion-On-Guns
  4. scm54449


    "San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne is fully supportive of the Obama/Feinstein gun grab, and says if lawmakers play it right Americans can be completely disarmed within "a generation." I wouldn't laugh this off. California + New York state + New England is one helluva a lot of...
  5. scm54449

    Here Comes More Gun Control

    This event, combined with our stupid news media that gives ultimate coverage to these shooters, have handed Obama the perfect stage. He sheds a tear...he mentions other mass shootings as examples of why this problem is on every corner...manages to include Chicago as one of the areas filled with...
  6. scm54449

    Bob Costas' Anti-Gun Comment On Sunday Night Football

    Though I did not see/hear this portion of the broadcast, apparently Bob Costas was so moved by the Belcher murder/suicide he had to make an anti-gun comment on the show. Here is the story from the AP wire service...
  7. scm54449

    Here Comes The Wave Of Gun Control Bills

    It appears California, Illinois and New York for starters: http://www.charter.net/news/read.php?rip_id=%3CDA0MLM2G3%40news.ap.org%3E&ps=1011&page=1 Dear Governor Quinn in Illinois, one of the most anti-gun states in America, enlightens us: ""It's time for the people to band together in our...
  8. scm54449

    Delaware Court Rules Against Open Carry

    "Gun ruling may become a model for the nation WILMINGTON, Del. -- In a decision that may become a model for the nation, a federal judge here ruled that gun restrictions imposed by the Wilmington Housing Authority on its residents are constitutional. The housing authority's policy of...
  9. scm54449

    Brew City Shooter's Supply In Conspiracy With The West Milwaukee PD??

    An alert from Wisconsin Carry Inc is reporting the following: "It was reported that the former Badger Guns (now Brew City Shooters Supply) http://www.brewcityshooterssupply.com/ has, since 2009, been reporting the names of every customer that comes in to use their firing range to the West...
  10. scm54449

    More Lessons From The First Case Involving Castle Doctrine

    It still isn't over for the homeowner in Slinger who shot an intruder in his home. Visit the links and draw your own conclusions. I share only to point out that even after the DA has ruled the shooting justified and declined to prosecute, it still isn't over...even with Castle Doctrine...
  11. scm54449

    Constitutional Carry In Pike County Illinois!!

    I did a quick run through the posts and didn't see this topic posted. If it is a duplicate post I will ask the mods to delete. Pike County is in west-central Illinois and we just might find some Friendly Illinois Buddies in that part of the state. It appears they put constitutional carry on...
  12. scm54449

    Who Will You Vote For (Or Against) In Today's Primary?

    Anyone care to share who they support/oppose and why?
  13. scm54449

    Family Of Bo Morrison Trying To Repeal Castle Doctrine Via Petition

    How nice of the family to deceive the public and play for sympathy by posting a picture of a younger, thinner Bo. Here is the "Bo" the family is hawking to the press and using in their ploy for sympathy: Here is the "Bo" that was arrested multiple times in the first two months of 2012: I...
  14. scm54449

    Family Of Bo Morrison Trying To Repeal Castle Doctrine Via Petition

    Following the decision of the Washington County DA to not charge or prosecute the homeowner involved in the fatal shooting of an intruder in his home in the middle of the night, the family of Bo Morrison is blaming Castle Doctrine for his death and has started an on-line petition to have Castle...
  15. scm54449

    Milwaukee Police Department STILL Refuses To Return Firearm!!

    Wisconsin Carry Inc. just released information that may also be posted to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/wisconsincarry. It is posted here for informational purposes only. "Greetings in Freedom, I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the status of the effort...
  16. scm54449

    One More Thing You Can Do If You Refused To Sign A Petition To Recall Walker

    In the event you don't live close to a location where you can verify signatures on the petitions, there is a website where you can log your name & address and they will contact you if your name was used on a petition without your permission. Here you go...
  17. scm54449

    Updates On The Recall Petitions For Walker And Galloway

    Those who wish to recall Governor Walker are closer to reaching the required number of signatures: http://www.wausaudailyherald.com/article/20111215/WDH0101/111215065/Updated-Walker-recall-petition-goal-nearly-met-507-000-signatures?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE There are also attempts to...
  18. scm54449

    Local Kwik Trip NOT posted

    Stopped by the Kwik Trip in Marshfield this evening and noticed there is no posting on the door prohibiting (or welcoming) firearms. Is this a Kwik Trip corporate policy or do the individual locations determine how they want to respond to open and concealed carry?
  19. scm54449

    "A long wait yields expansive gun freedoms for Wisconsin"

    As with most news articles, a mixed bag at best. But if you need a picture of Auric for your wall, here you go! http://www.marshfieldnewsherald.com/article/20111030/CWS0101/110300493/A-long-wait-yields-expansive-gun-freedoms-Wisconsin?odyssey=tab|topnews|img|FRONTPAGE
  20. scm54449

    Wisconsin Carry, Inc. reaches settlement in GFZA lawsuit against City of Milwaukee

    A victory for gun rights! The City of Milwaukee will have to pay $6,500 for their wrongful arrest of David Bernson and wrongfully charging him under the provisions of the Wisconsin Gun Free School Zone Act. I do wish the award would have been a dollar figure that would actually deter...