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  1. Interceptor_Knight

    NOT the way to Open Carry....

    I called this one correctly. GB and Brown County simply humored the OC guys and sent them on their merry way.. If you are going to OC, please use a sling that does not sweep everyone around you and allows you to maintain positive control of your weapon...
  2. Interceptor_Knight

    Open Carry Appleton Octoberfest

    You may not be on a Class B premises with a handgun without meeting one of the exceptions such as unless you are a licensee and then only if you do not consume alcohol whether you are carrying openly or concealed.
  3. Interceptor_Knight

    Open Carry planned in Madison on July 4th?

    Since Kokesh cancelled the July 4th Washington DC Open Carry March and instead is encouraging that people march on their State Capitols, is there any group planning a Wisconsin OC March for Independence Day?
  4. Interceptor_Knight

    TGSCOM/ The Gun Source/ etc closed..

    I hope nobody here had paid for guns on backorder....... http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20120601/GPG0101/120601107/TGSCOM?odyssey=tab|topnews|img|FRONTPAGE
  5. Interceptor_Knight

    WI Statutes and Use of Force...

    Here you go.....
  6. Interceptor_Knight

    Trainers wanting mandatory training

    Anyone ever hear of "Intell Consultants LLC"? This video is from before ACT 35 passed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9rnSTQGz0E
  7. Interceptor_Knight

    Not one single Appleton resident respects the right to bear arms??

    Apparently Appleton residents do not value their civil liberties much or have been simply oblivious to this proposed and now enacted ordinance change. http://www.wbay.com/story/15736273/2011/10/19/appleton-approves-concealed-carry-ban-in-city-buildings
  8. Interceptor_Knight

    AACFI will take care of Certificates for FREE even if from BDJ or other former AACFI

    AACFI has pledged to "Do what it takes" to take care of all past students. It does not matter if your certificate is from BDJ or another former AACFI instructor. If need be they will ship you out a new certificate at no charge to the student.
  9. Interceptor_Knight

    HR8791 is a hoax...

    The Onion put this humor piece out almost 4 years ago and people are sending it back around now.... http://www.theonion.com/video/proposed-classified-bill-will-defend-against-flesh,14175/
  10. Interceptor_Knight

    Ashwaubenon Ban Proposal

    The Ashwaubenon Village Board and Public Works & Protection Committee has been discussing a municipal building ban. The proposal is still going to be discussed at the November PW&P meeting so any Ashwaubenon residents will want to get on the phone with their representatives as the Village...
  11. Interceptor_Knight

    Green Bay proposed Carry Ban

    The proposal going to the City Council for Tuesday Night's meeting includes a ban on carry of a firearm in all city buildings with the only exception being the direct entrance to and use of a restroom at a park. The only other prohibition is on the concealed carry of weapons which are not...
  12. Interceptor_Knight

    City as Property Owner banning Open Carry by non-permittee

    Alot of municipalities are discussing carry bans. One of the positions I have seen is that they can ban Open Carry in Parks, etc if you do not have a permit. This is what they are citing.....
  13. Interceptor_Knight

    BDJ LTD Training Propaganda

    I rescind any prior recommendation I have made in the past to take any of the Bill Schmitz classes. I was forwarded a propaganda anouncement from BDJ regarding the split from AACFI. It appears that it has at best half truths and was intended to bash AACFI. My perception is that this is a case...
  14. Interceptor_Knight

    September 18th WI Permit to Carry course

    Henry Rahr is holding another AACFI Certified WI Permit to Carry course at the Hotel Sierra in Green Bay at 10AM on Sunday 9/18/2011 Here is a link to upcoming classes... This course is not affiliated with Wisconsin Carry Inc http://www.aacfi.com/courses/trainercourses.php?id=106
  15. Interceptor_Knight

    You may not forcibly resist an arrest you believe to be unlawful....

    There is case law which abrogates Common Law Self Defense in the absence of unnecessary force.
  16. Interceptor_Knight

    Fleet Farm Carry Policy

    This is signage from MN/IA/SD stores. Official Corporate Policy says that legal carry is A-OK. See the post below which states Open Carry is currently allowed in WI Fleet Farm stores!!!
  17. Interceptor_Knight

    Open Carry In A Vehicle

    I have seen people make reference to OC in a vehicle but I can not find any change to current statutes which declares a holstered handgun in a vehicle to not be concealed.....
  18. Interceptor_Knight

    Attend an Appleseed, qualify for a permit.

    Appleseed is a Appleseed instructors are certified by RWVA..... We will be issuing certificates of training which will satisfy the requirement.
  19. Interceptor_Knight

    Appleseed Shoot at Suamico June 18th-19th

    We are holding 2 Appleseed shoots at Nicolet Rifle Club this year. The first is in a couple of weeks. 2 solid days of rifle marksmanship training. As always, Military, LEO, elected officials are free, under 21 is only a $5 registration fee and women are only a $10 registration fee for all...
  20. Interceptor_Knight

    SB90 and AB126 Are NOT exactly the same as LRB-2027 and LRB-2033

    Just for a single example, they kept the old language in 167.31(2)(b) as "Unloaded and Encased" instead of simply "Unloaded" LRB-2027 and 2033 had the encased part struck through. The current versions restored the part about being encased. The benefit to us in the first version is that...