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  1. Walt_Kowalski

    Leesburg VA Restaurant offering discount to gun owners

    Looks like another place has joined the fray.. I'll be checking this place out sometime: http://www.leesburgtoday.com/opinion/letters/letter-dennis-brake-leesburg/article_0ccd52a4-8a5c-11e2-a0d1-001a4bcf887a.html?mode=story restaurants web site: http://www.cajunexperience.biz/
  2. Walt_Kowalski

    Fire-Mission for VA OC'ers

    Guys.. I know this is not really OC related, other than being able to OC or CC on school zones... ;) I'd really like to get this over 250 signatures, so it will show on the main site. Lets get this message out. Can you sign and share this petition I created...
  3. Walt_Kowalski

    Ask the Sherrif / Deputy article on Open carry in Loudoun (Ashburn Patch)

    Ask the Sherrif / Deputy article on Open carry in Loudoun (Ashburn Patch) : http://ashburn.patch.com/articles/ask-a-deputy-open-carry-weapons#comment_3998918 I sounded off.. you should too if you've open carried in Loudoun :)
  4. Walt_Kowalski

    *** FireMission**** poll - Guns: Open Carry Now Legal in Virginia State Parks

    Link left cold on purpose.. Remove the space after 'http://' http:// lorton.patch.com/articles/guns-open-carry-now-legal-in-virginia-state-parks Hit the Poll on OC folks.
  5. Walt_Kowalski

    OK.. who is this :D

    Some may disagree, but I think the person that filmed this handled this JUST FINE. Its sad that the dispatcher did not inform the caller that OC is perfectly legal. We need to start there, instead of the caller hanging up and never knowing that they called for no reason at all...
  6. Walt_Kowalski

    LOST! Prescription Sunglasses Lobby Day

    Likely at River City Diner. I did not have them after there, and before we got to the state house. I've called the diner, but no sunglasses were turned in. Wondering if anyone in the Lobby Day breakfast picked them up for safe keeping? Thanks! EDIT: Happy to report that I have gone down and...
  7. Walt_Kowalski

    Open Carry, Cobb Village 12 Cinemas, and Leesburg PD.

    All, Over the weekend a buddy of mine (not on the boards... yet) and I decided to see another movie at Cobb Village 12 Cinemas, in Leesburg VA. He and I have OC'ed there to see several movies in the last few weeks, and no one working there has remarked on my OC. On each occasion I've noticed...
  8. Walt_Kowalski

    VA Forrest Gun carry email.

    Just got this email from : ron.jenkins@dof.virginia.gov Hell yes. Go VCDL!
  9. Walt_Kowalski

    Visiting Houston from Virginia

    Hey all, Been reading up on your local forum a bit, and I wish you all the best of luck in getting your freedoms back in this great state. In Virginia we enjoy open carry, and concealed carry (permit process which Texas has reciprocity). While here for the next few weeks, I'll be sure to keep...
  10. Walt_Kowalski

    Great watch.. What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRAw3VWVyD8 I enjoyed this very much.
  11. Walt_Kowalski

    10th district folks.. get in here.

    So.. I will be going to the polls tomorrow, and as a resident of the 10th district, I have to chose between the following 3 folks. D: Barnett R: Wolf L: Redpath I'm Def. not voting Dem.. so scratch Mr. Barnett off. I looked at the VCDL 2010 Federal Survey Results, and I am not pleased the Wolf...
  12. Walt_Kowalski

    Who needs a gun in Ashburn?