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  1. Steeler-gal

    Ladies Night at the Range

    The ladies of the NoVa Chapter of The Well Armed Woman will be at Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly, VA on Monday February 11 at 6:30pm. If you'd like to know more about this group and it's chapters in VA, please join us on Monday evening. If you plan to attend, please let me know or you can...
  2. Steeler-gal

    The Well Armed Woman - Northern Virginia Chapter

    I have recently become the chapter leader for the Northern Virginia Chapter of The Well Armed Woman (www.thewellarmedwoman.com). The group has 52,000+ members nationally. I’m looking forward to increasing that presence here in Virginia. I have created a Meetup Group to make organizing...
  3. Steeler-gal

    Gun Appreciation Day

    Good point. Here is the info We will be having breakfast a 9am on Saturday January 19 at the Bob Evans in Chantilly Please let me know if you'll be attending. Bob Evans 14050 Thunderbolt Plaza Chantilly, VA If enough people are coming I will coordinate with them to have some tables reserved.
  4. Steeler-gal

    Question about gun purchases and convictions

    I'm trying to do some research for a friend and I'm not having much luck finding the answer in the VA code. Probably just bad keyword searches. Anyway, what I'd like to know is if someone convicted of a felony can he still buy a gun? What if the person is charged and then the charges are dropped...
  5. Steeler-gal

    Derbycon OC Dinner or Lunch

    This post serves two purposes. First - I'm in town for Derbycon (www.derbycon.com) and wondered if there are any fellow OCers here. Please post if you're attending and would like to meet up. Second - I'd like to organize a lunch or dinner. We need suggestions for good places to eat as a...
  6. Steeler-gal

    Editing Digital Audio Recording

    I recorded some things at an outing I was at today. I was OCing and caught some cool audio that I'd like to share. Using a handheld digital recorder, I recorded over 5 hours of digital audio and really only need to share a few seconds of it. Is there an app that I can download that will allow...
  7. Steeler-gal

    Plan to OC While Visiting Louisville

    I will be visiting Louisville, KY in September for a conference. I have a VA CHP and KY recognizes this permit. Since KY is and OC state I'd really like to OC while I am there. I’ll be staying at a Hyatt Regency just 1/2 block from “Fourth Street Live!” I'll be spending most of my time in...
  8. Steeler-gal

    Not leaving home without it ever again

    That's it. I'm done. Tonight is the last time I leave the house without my gun. Some trucker and a car just tried to play some freak game and boxed me in on the Virginia beltway. I was coming back from the Alexandria waterfront around 10pm. At first I thought something was wrong and they were...
  9. Steeler-gal

    OC in a restaurant that serves alcohol

    I've read through the PA laws but I'm still a bit unclear on this topic. I'm visiting from VA and have my CHP which has reciprocity with PA. Can I OC or CC in a restaurant that serves alcohol? Can I OC/CC in a bar or the bar area of a restaurant? While I do it drink when I OC or CC, I'd like...
  10. Steeler-gal

    Summer holster options for ladies

    Spring is upon us in VA and summer will be here soon. I don't know why but it seems most of the pants, shorts, capris that i own for summer wear don't have belt loops. If they do they're small and won't support my belt. So i need to find a way to OC or CC my Kahr CW9 and my M&P 9. I have a...
  11. Steeler-gal

    NoVA (Northern Virginia) - OC reports

    One of the friends I was with did see the sign and sent me the pick. Apparently not only are we a threat but we're pimply-faced nerds to boot.
  12. Steeler-gal

    Who needs to sleep with a gun by the bed?

    I thought I was the only one who did that with my beasts.
  13. Steeler-gal

    The Police Can't Help Us

    "Authorities say the last message they want battered women to take from this is that they cannot protect them. The sheriff says the data very clearly show that women who go for help are far safer that those who try to tough it out alone." I know most of us already know this but I don't see...
  14. Steeler-gal

    ISO Public range in Pittsburgh

    Does anyone know of any public ranges for pistols (at least) in Pittsburgh? Really interested to know if there are any near Murrysville area. When I Google I keep finding private clubs. ========================================== NRA Certified Range Safety Officer Looking for training by...
  15. Steeler-gal

    Vacationing in Myrtle Beach - need clarification

    I am a VA resident and I have my CHP for Virginia. This summer I will be going to Myrtle Beach, SC for a few days. I want to make sure I know the law before I carry my firearms with me to my vacation spot. I checked on the opencarry.org maps and on the SC LED site. Section 16-23-20 (9) and...
  16. Steeler-gal


    I apologize if this is OT. It's not really an OC question but I'm hoping someone can help. I'll be visiting my mother in Pittsburgh over the holiday weekends coming up. She's interested in looking at firearms and possibly purchasing. I don't live in Pittsburgh and am not home often enough to...
  17. Steeler-gal

    Second Amendment Santa

    I hadn't seen this posted anywhere here yet today so I thought I'd share. More Here
  18. Steeler-gal

    Man fatally shot in home invasion

    http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11328/1192292-100.stm On the evening news they said he fired a warning shot first. Haven't seen anything else written about this.
  19. Steeler-gal

    Carry Laws - Visiting

    I'll be visiting PA over the coming weekend. I'll be in Pittsburgh and the burbs. I grew up in PA but didn't own a firearm. I know that PA is an OC state but I'm wondering if there are places/restrictions where we are not permitted to carry. Any advice appreciated.
  20. Steeler-gal

    OC in Church

    I understand that the law in VA doesn't prohibit from OCing in Church. I'm curious to know how many of you OC in church. I haven't yet. I have been looking around and don't see anyone in my church OCing. Do you OC?