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  1. MSC 45ACP

    WHO needs a gun in a Post Office?

    Gee... It sure is GREAT to be disarmed in a nice, safe, GUN-FREE Criminal-safe zone, isn't it? I know Postal Inspectors are authorized to be "armed in the performance of their duties", but has anyone ever met one or even SEEN a Postal Inspector? I sure haven't! I've never seen any kind of...
  2. MSC 45ACP

    Carrying inside buildings in Yorktown

    I was asked not to carry inside one of the buildings in Yorktown. I was told by the manager of that building that carrying there was tantamount to carrying in a NPS building where government employees (like park rangers) also work. Are all buildings in the town of Yorktown owned by the U. S...
  3. MSC 45ACP

    ND: Man shoots self to death in Spotsy grocery store parking lot

    The only time I ever used a "flap" holster (I think it was called the M-82, but someone else can correct me there) was for the first few days I was in the Persian Gulf Gulf during Desert Storm. I didn't like it, but it did protect the M9 from "stuff" happening to it. For the folks that used...
  4. MSC 45ACP

    Illegal sign in York County PUBLIC Library

    My kids told me about signs located on ALL the tables in the Yorktown branch of the public library. Here is the sign. This photo was taken around 3pm 4 AUG, 2011.
  5. MSC 45ACP

    Harborfest 2011

    It was pretty disappointing. No "tall ships" this year... Just a few smaller schooners and "medium-sized" sailing ships. Nothing in the 200' + category. Gazela Primero ( I think they just call her Gazela now) is down from Philly. She's pretty old and still has a copper-sheathed bottom. Ran...
  6. MSC 45ACP

    OC/CC for cab drivers

    I went to the police dept. yesterday to apply for a Cab Driver’s Permit. When I entered the “police station”, I didn’t know if it was considered a “secure area” because I had to ring a bell to gain entrance and the door was opened by someone inside the office. I was CCing at the time. As a...
  7. MSC 45ACP

    Gloucester Daffodil Festival

    I saw a UNICORN! I was in the "Food Court" parking lot in "old town Gloucester" after the parade today with my kids and saw a young UNICORN! I asked him if he knew any other OCers and he said he didn't. I fished out about a half-dozen of ED'S Cards from my card holder and gave them to him and...
  8. MSC 45ACP

    Posting of signs - Could you be prosecuted for sticking a sign to the door?

    Could you be prosecuted for sticking a sign to the door of a business if it does no damage to the door? Has anyone posted a "defense free criminal zone" sign on the door of a business that doesn't allow firearms? It might be fun to do, but I wonder about the ramifications of such an action...
  9. MSC 45ACP

    Highly Vocal OCer that made tragic decisions is re-indicted

    Anyone remember the 'Anty 506' Story? He was an 18 year old Louisana OCer that "pushed the envelope" and seemed to go out of his way to challenge LEOs in his area. He was a very prolific poster to OCDO and his experiences were 'interesting'. I thought he had a chip on his shoulder and his...
  10. MSC 45ACP

    Warm Welcome

    I was wandering about the net yesterday and came across another forum that LOOKED like it may be like OCDO and have like-minded people posting there. I was wrong on both parts. I was as welcome as George Washington would be if he visited Congress today. Now I know how some new folks feel...
  11. MSC 45ACP

    OC of secondary weapon

    I read the thread about an OCer that came across a really agressive "anti" in Target and it really made me think. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?75201-Target-Encounter-Everett-Washington I've read what I can find on OC and CC of weapons (other than firearms) in the...
  12. MSC 45ACP

    Illegal Signage in Fredericksburg Battlefields

    I spent the day yesterday at Chancellorsville and Wilderness battlefields. Before entering the "Federal building where National Parks Service (NPS) enployees regularly work", I disarmed, leaving my pistol in the car. I didn't see ANY signage (and I looked pretty hard) around the front entrance...
  13. MSC 45ACP

    Navy policy on personal firearms msg dtg 4 jun 10

    Rttuzywu reuwmcs0000 1551726-uuuu--rucrnad. Znr uuuuu r 041726z jun 10 fm cno washington dc/n09// to navadmin bt unclas navadmin 196/10 msgid/genadmin/cno washington dc/n09/may// subj/personal firearms// ref/a/doc/opnav/19apr10// ampn/opnavinst 5530.14e chap i, navy physical security and...
  14. MSC 45ACP

    Thanks ED

    Ed: I neglected to thank you for the OC CARDS. Your cards are very nice. At the risk of offending Jim, your cards are nicer than ours. I plan to send you a check on 1 JUL for a Challenge Coin and more cards. I gave half the ones you sent me to Bridget. She's already given all of hers out...
  15. MSC 45ACP

    Open Carry Friendly Corporate businesses

    imported post I don't remember seeing one of these in VA, but if its already been posted, please delete this thread. I found it very helpful. Corporate Policies Kroger/Fred Meyer Thank you for your email. Our policy on guns in our stores is simply to comply with the law. We recognize and...
  16. MSC 45ACP

    Professional Traffic Stop in York County

    imported post A couple days after the first of the month, my spousal unit reminded me that my vehicle registration had expired and that I should go to DMV and renew it ASAP. I looked at the VA DMV web site and found out that you are PENALIZED $5 if you go IN PERSON to a DMV to renew your tags...
  17. MSC 45ACP


    imported post I was "inbound" on I-64 "south" of Richmond before noonand saw a small car withone of the new roundOrange GSL stickers... Anyone here? I guess there have been a lot of them sent out. I was wondering if it was an OCer from here or not...
  18. MSC 45ACP

    29 NOV range date

    imported post Sorry for the short notice, but I'm still in the moodfor more range timethis weekend. Camp Allen Marine Corps Indoor range in Norfolk. I will sponsor any civilians and bring 1 or 2 people as "guests" on my membership. I have .45ACP ammo to share. New shooters welcome and...
  19. MSC 45ACP


    imported post Buy Ammo today (if you can find it). Support your local ammo dealer. http://www.ammoday.com/ A brief explanation - What is National Ammo Day? November 19 is National Ammo Day. It is a nationwide BUYcott of ammunition. You buy ammunition. 100 Rounds a person. The goals of...
  20. MSC 45ACP


    imported post FUDDRUCKERS, Victory Blvd near KMart. First Week of DECEMBER... Lets pick a good day. I would like to extend an invitation to Sheriff Diggs to speak if he is available and has the time. He's truly an inspiring individual. I would offer to buy him dinner, but he wouldprobably...