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  1. t33j

    I like your state

    Just visiting for now... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8hEGedQ36h0c2FwVGVTRjAtYWs/edit?usp=sharing
  2. t33j

    Employees expressed concern that they do not know how to respond to an active shooter

    So my employer (which prohibits firearms) sent out this direction on the subject. I can't decide wether I find it sad or amusing.
  3. t33j

    Hiking in GW NF

    Yet their sign says otherwise.
  4. t33j

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Went to Lab Corp. and ran into this so I turned around and went home. I called my doctor's office to ask where else I could get blood drawn and then called Quest Diagnostic to inquire if they had policies prohibiting firearms. (Didn't feel like driving out to see another gun buster sign on the...
  5. t33j

    More bear encounters

    Yes... I've chased after them. All the time since it's been legal, but not lately because of the heat. Nobody really seems to care including the rangers.
  6. t33j

    Can anyone recommend a non-polymer 1911 mag pouch??

    Can anyone recommend a non-polymer 1911 mag pouch?? I would prefer an open top design so I have the option of carrying either 7/8rd or 10rd mags. I currently use a nylon pouch intended for a double stack mag, but which fits 2 7 round 1911 mags nicely. I don't like the thickness of it but it...
  7. t33j

    Hampton Roads OC Dinner - Tuesday March 29th at 7:15pm

    Seems like it's been a while since a gathering on the South Side so... Primo Pizza at 4540 Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach at 7:15pm next Tuesday. Who's in?
  8. t33j

    Mariners' Museum in Newport News

    I decided I wanted to walk the Noland Trail so I went on the Mariners' Museum website to get some information. http://www.marinersmuseum.org/visitor-information/park-lake The last of the parks rules prohibit "weapons". On the website it is mentioned that private donations support the Museum...
  9. t33j

    (Last Minute) OC Meetup - Yorktown Vinny's - Thursday March 10th 7pm

    DJEEPER just came by on his bike and we decided we wanted to have dinner tomorrow. He should be bringing a few people along. Everyone's invited. Location: Yorktown Vinny's Time: 7pm
  10. t33j

    Crime statistics at ODU

    I've got 71 emails in my inbox relating to crime events near ODU. I know for sure that not all crimes are reported through email, or even on the ODU Police Department's webpage. I sifted through them and found 30 events I used to compile the info presented here. On two occasions I have been...
  11. t33j

    VGOF Shoot and Greet 05/13-14/2011

    Hey I figured some of you might be interested in attending the VGOF gathering this year. I know some of you here are members at VGOF but I suspect most are not. Anyway, Bill has a beautiful piece of lakefront property in Keysville, Virginia with a 100 yd range, a bunch of steel targets for...
  12. t33j


    Wow really? How incredibly obnoxious... For posts from unregistered users I might understand but you have to be registered to post here. What's the deal?
  13. t33j

    2nd ODU Open Carry Lunch 10/19/2010

    12:15 pm on Tuesday October 19th at The Retro Diner 4110 colley ave Norfolk, VA 23508 Google Maps 1) Most things on the menu can be had for $7 + drink 2) Non-students welcome (of course) 3) Gun recommended but not required for attendance :) The List: t33j chaos68 USNA69 Thundar MSC 45ACP x2...
  14. t33j

    1st? ODU Open Carry Lunch - Tuesday 09/21/2010 12:45pm

    Tuesday September 21st at 12:45pm The Retro Diner 4110 Colley Avenue Google Maps 1) Sorry this is not what most would consider walking distance from campus. If you don't have a bike, or you want/need a ride, send me a PM. I would like to have this at one of the places on Monarch Way, but it...
  15. t33j

    ODU Student Policy - What is campus... part II

    The ODU policy preventing firearms can be found here Monarch Way (public street) is lined by multi-use buildings on one side. The upper floors are dorms for ODU students, and the bottom floors are filled with private businesses. I have OCed at most of the establishments. I cannot interpret...
  16. t33j

    Galco FLETCH - Opinions from 1911 owners please

    Anybody out there carry a 1911 in a Galco Fletch? How do you like it? I use one for my USP Compact and love it EXCEPT for the fact that I can't carry it in condition 1 because of the retention strap.
  17. t33j


    imported post White jeep with sig sauer sticker on the back window. Rt. 50 heading East yesterday evening 'round 5:30?
  18. t33j

    Video or Photography of Norfolk / VA State police / FBI training exercises prohibited

    imported post Got an email from ODU this afternoon. Can anyone offer a cite for the bolded part?
  19. t33j

    Can I buy a gun via GunBroker from private seller while under 21?

    imported post Purchase a gun from a private seller through gunbroker, and pick the gun up from my FFL even though I'm not yet 21? (< 2 months away)
  20. t33j

    $14 strongbox for the car

    imported post Up front I'll say I did this little project with extensive use of stuff I just had lying around. If you don't have any of it this would cost a bit more. The two components I purchased were: The .50BMG ammo box: $8.40 The hasp from Lowes: $5 and change After sourcing the the...