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  1. 2OLD2W8

    Florida Carry legal victory makes way for constitutional challenge to Open Carry Ban

    Our keepers aren't ready to cede control of this carry issue yet; removing the OC ban will expose the state's narrative regarding man and this specific inanimate tool. OC=bad ...Concealed Carry=good, An exposed handgun will necessarily misbehave and wreak havoc!! The hidden handgun is...
  2. 2OLD2W8

    Drake v. Jerejian SCOTUS DECISION

    FYI.....Petition for certiorari denied on May 5, 2014
  3. 2OLD2W8

    Police had to return his gun....

    Just caught a news story on WESH tv NBC affiliate in Orlando... A man in Brevard county (didn't catch the city) while engaged in fishing was relieved of his sidearm after local police intervened. The LEO were responding to a MWAG complaint. The local police chief was interviewed and showed his...
  4. 2OLD2W8

    Site designation of Open Carry forum members ??

    I have searched the site and cannot find the answer.......What is the difference between these designations? Regular Member Founders Club Campaign Member
  5. 2OLD2W8

    Open carry while using trot line or set line methods?

    Trot line and/or set line fishing is a legal method of "unattended" fishing in many parts of Florida. So......, "Technically" using the state's definition of fishing, in conjunction with F.S. 790.25 (3) (h), a person engaged in the setline or trotline fishing activity should be legal to open...
  6. 2OLD2W8

    *update* swiftmud premption issue

    *update* swiftmud preemption issue GOOD NEWS!!!!:banana: Received verbal confirmation today from the Land Use & Protection Supervisor of the Southwest Florida Water Management District concerning their signs which were previously discussed in this thread. SWIFTMUD Legal Dept. has made the...
  7. 2OLD2W8

    Feelings vs Rights, Amerika in 20 years?

    My legalese leaves a lot to be desired, but I think you can see what I'm inferring. Any physical action or speech committed intentionally or inadvertently by any legal U.S. Citizen may be restricted if the feelings of the aggrieved party are impaired or distressed in any manner, whether...
  8. 2OLD2W8

    This woman gets it...

    I hope there are a lot more people like this woman in the U.S. of A....... http://video-embed.nj.com/services/player/bcpid651974715001?bctid=2341389953001&bckey=AQ~~%2CAAAAPLMIP6E~%2CBRrRHTAljlF40NofMDxsColEK-8KEsxy
  9. 2OLD2W8


    Food for thought.... Should all the certified and accredited law enforcement academies in this state operate under a system similar to the Sunshine Law of Florida that is used for our government officials? Should all of the training our future LEO receive be videotaped and available for the...
  10. 2OLD2W8

    Almost a criminal, glad I checked first..

    I never thought my first ever post would be about this subject. I was planing an open carry fishing trip for me and the wife to celebrate our anniversary and thought, hey I wonder what the BCSO (Brevard County Sheriff's Office) thinks of open carry fishing? I contacted the BCSO in writing and...