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  1. MontanaResident

    Another one moving to Montana.

    Missoula is Montana-lite. I like the city, but only shop there. Lots and lots of wilderness and frontier-like areas within a 100 mile radius of Missoula. Welcome to Montana.
  2. MontanaResident

    HB-262 proposed change to Concealed Carry Law

    Another attempt at Constitutional Carry for Montana http://www.kpax.com/story/34506635/gop-advancing-bills-to-expand-concealed-carry-of-handguns-in-montana http://leg.mt.gov/bills/2017/billhtml/HB0262.htm Added is , which expands to lawful owners who do not possess a permit.
  3. MontanaResident

    Your opinions: Where is it improper to carry?

    Carry especially when surfing.
  4. MontanaResident

    HB 298 Amendement is progressing

    Constitutional Carry to be expanded if passed by House and Senate and signed by Governor Bullock, is making its way thru the House. http://openstates.org/mt/bills/2015/HB298/
  5. MontanaResident

    Daines vs Curtis

    Interesting debate last night. Curtis was really throwing out the accusations on Daines, but I liked her freshness. They both claim to be for gun ownership, and accuse the other of being against. I'm not sure what to believe, but I also believe that what either one thinks or believe hardly...
  6. MontanaResident

    Near encounter, near killing

    Woke up during the wee hours and heard something on the patio. I had smoked some fish and a whole chicken previously, so I figured a bear might get interested. I had a 45 handy but it being 2am or thereabouts I forgot about it. Flicked on the lights, snapped open the front door and heard my...
  7. MontanaResident

    Conceal Carry Q?

    If it's concealed who's to know? Why the permit? I was concealed a few month ago at an outdoor community park public function, walked by the Sheriff and nodded at him. His folks use to have a home next to me, but we've never actually been introduced. He didn't register any awareness towards...
  8. MontanaResident

    New sign at the local (and only) grocery store nearby

    No firearms or weapons allowed. I guess I'll be traveling a bit further for my vegetables and condiments.
  9. MontanaResident

    City vs Town vs Other

    I finally looked this up and thought I'd pass it along. In summary : A place may incorporate as a town when its population reaches 300 people. A municipality with a population between 1,000 and 5,000 people is a Third Class city. A municipality with a population between 5,000 and 10,000 people...
  10. MontanaResident

    sub-zero temps and a mountain lion in the area

    I thought I'd feel like a dork with my pistol hanging off an oversized belt wrapped around many layers of clothing and a large thick Parka, but it works okay. I may not be the leading edge of a fashion trend, but I can get to my Ruger, and maybe get a shot off before becoming a lion's tasty meal.