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  1. J

    Magna Trigger

    Hello everyone, I have a S&W 642, and my very soon to be wife and I are looking into ways to make our gun owning household a little safer (especially for kids). I currently carry my 642, and keep it in the nightstand. Once we have children I would not leave the gun in the nighstand, and I was...
  2. J

    Very confused Nevadan who will be visiting soon

    Hello California comrades, I am from Reno, and I will be going on a beach camping trip down in Santa Cruz june 22-30, and I'm wondering if I should even bother to bring my handgun. Through the research I have done it seems like all I could do is drive my gun down there in the trunk of my car...
  3. J

    Can I carry my gun in a IWB holster and still be considered open carry?

    So about a month ago I posted my first experience open carrying, and I've been doing it ever since (OC'ed In a bank the other day, and so far that's my greatest "achievement"). Here's the issue: I'm 20, so I can't get my CCW. I originally got my gun for the apartment to protect my Fiancée and...