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    I think it's time to have a serious discusiion....

    ...about the lack of armed personal in our schools. As a 2A advocate and even more so as a parent of two young children, I am sick and tired of "free kill zones" even existing. Had one, just ONE person been armed Friday at that school, with the right opportunity and a little marksmanship the...
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    Great fun was had by all. My first time using a completely LEGAL setup engineered by a good friend of mine. He, his nephew and I are in the video. Shouldnt be too hard to tell who the rookie is, but i caught on quick after the first mag...
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    I find this a bit hypocritical

    Am I the only one here that finds the hypocrisy in that we as OCers promote not doing business with those that are anti gun, but yet a website we congregate at has no issue with google ads disallowing posts here for the selling, buying or raffling of firearms? USA Carry has no such issues and...
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    I found this rather amusing

    I WILL do this one day if given the chance, lol.
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    Buy Dish Network service at this Radio Shack in Hamilton, MT..and get a free firearm!

    http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/article_1be5a806-952c-535f-b92d-79de34940938.html I couldn't believe it either, but I think its great!
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    Will be staying in hotel in indiana

    I will be staying at a hotel in Indiana over the weekend and was wanting to know if I can legally keep a firearm in my hotel room for the duration of my visit. I know that federal law that allows me to transport it unloaded, but only if I'm bringing it to a place where I may legally posses it...
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    House bill 114

    Nevermind, made the mistake of seeing SB 114 passed and thinking it was HB 114
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    Who do I contact for a replacement CCDW class certification?

    I took the class a very long time ago and just never got around to turning it in. Now somehow I've misplaced the certificate. I know that you can get replacements, but I don't remember who to contact.
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    Hb 313

    Looks like it passed the senate and has been delivered to the governor, awesome!! http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/11RS/HB313.htm Considering he is pro 2A, I don't see him not signing it. Looks like I'll be able to carry in my sport bike after all.
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    Storing my firearm in my bike.....

    Does KRS 527.020 provide protection in the storage compartment under the seat of my sport bike? KRS 527.020 paragraph (8) (8) A firearm or other deadly weapon shall not be deemed concealed on or about the person if it is located in a glove compartment, regularly installed in a motor vehicle by...
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    OC luncheon 1/29 at Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken in Bardstown, ky

    Hope to see some of you guys there! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161667717862#!/event.php?eid=119427554795922 January 29th at 12:00pm Lee's Famous Recipie Chicken 108 West John Rowan Boulevard Bardstown, KY 40004 I've called ahead and verified with management that they have no...